This year’s motto for the much-loved sequel to the vastly anticipated animated film is, “From this today forward, nothing remains the same.”

What should we make of that? What are we going to see in the 3rd in a row follow-up?

The new animation, which is due on June 16, 2017, is a co-production by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. This time, all die-hard fans of the legendary Cars animated movie production will be able to witness the struggles and the immense disappointments that the epic Lightning McQueen has to deal with!

Obviously, McQueen doesn’t have the needed and required capabilities to meet today’s requirements. Sadly enough, the new generation of ultra-fast and furious racers have outshined him completely. Naturally, this can’t be the end of his game. With this thought, something has to be done. Otherwise, he won’t be able to get back in the crazy world of mad racing, right?

The new animated movie welcomes Owen Wilson on board!


Being totally pushed out of the adrenaline-fueled sport and the world he’s absolutely obsessed with, he needs urgent help. Unknowingly, there’s a ray of light and hope for him that can get him out of the unpleasant state he is today. A young and eager car technician pops right into the picture right in time to help him out!

From what we’ve been shown so far, it looks like that our favorite Lightning McQueen will have a hard time this time racing alongside new sensational racers, such as the young and talented Jackson Storm. If we must go back to the initial trailers and teasers of the new sequel, we can see an entirely new character welcomed on board!

And, hold your breath since the one and only Owen Wilson stars in the new follow-up as well. It’s exactly him that voices the unknown and quite mysterious character that viewers must get along with too. What we’ve known so far is that the new racer in the picture is a young female racer with Hispanic roots. When watching the movie that is due on June 16, 2017, just shift your attention and focus on the yellow car which is driven by the new female character in the animated movie.

The enigmatic racer is Cruz Ramirez as she is assigned the “mission” to serve the legendary veteran McQueen as his professional race trainer. After all, he must get in a perfect shape, more or less, in order to get back on the track and race like the legend he has always been.

CARS 3 animation: what we know today

Owen in Cars 3 film
Motto: “from this day forward, everything changes!”

Our old-school star aka McQueen drives the red car whose mission is to rival against the breaking sensation on the road named Jackson Storm. What are the odds this time? This is the hot topic that won’t fail to excite us once again! The heavily anticipated new Pixar production is coming soon to take our breaths away with its riveting plot twists and story line embedded in the new follow-up! Apart from the hilarious and pretty awesome comedy star Owen Wilson, we’ll see other great actors in full swing as well. With such a perfect pick of comedy actors to voice the epic Cars characters, one thing is for certain: this year’s sequel seems to be really promising and appealing!

If we must pay attention to those of you who aren’t in this crazy state of expecting, you need to know this: this year’s follow-up will absolutely have you awestruck thanks to the intense action and hilarious scenes in the movie. Ultimately, we’re talking about a Walt Disney production, and as we all know, Disney stands behind mega-hit blockbusters doubling up the initial movie budget, to say the least.

Don’t miss Walt Disney’s awesome production!

Naturally, much like in life, there is also a whole lot of hateful comments spreading loathe and criticism all over the place. Alongside this, many quite direct jokes have been thrown at the new Cars 3 film, more or less. Just to illustrate it for you, many of the comments cover the merchandise sales that Pixar materializes out of the movie. With that, the online trolling doesn’t cease, of course. It’s not rare to read silly and quite ridiculous comparisons and opinions as well. For example, many folks depict the previous sequel as a low-quality movie production which reportedly aimed at improving the merchandise sales.

And on the other side of the line stand all die-hard fans of the lovely CARS mania who genuinely and heartedly just laugh it all off. The new movie is nothing but a great follow-up to the old-school and classy story. So, if you’d love to experience a couple of minutes filled with genuine laughter and good memories, then don’t skip the official release date that is due on June 16, 2017!

Co-production by Walt Disney
Walt Disney stands behind the new CARS 3 animated movie!

CARS 3: Race like a pro, fail like a loser

Owen Wilson stars in CARS 3 movie
Are you thrilled for the upcoming CARS 3 movie?

Check our favorite pick of trailers:

Official trailer #1

Exciting trailer #2

Essential movie details:

  • Director: Brian Fee
  • Cast: Owen Wilson, Chris Cooper
  • Genre: Animation/Family Comedy
  • Co-production by: Walt Disney Pictures & Pixar Animation Studios
  • Official release date: June 16, 2017




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