Powerful. Beautiful. Affordable. An introduction from Tesla’s solar homepage that has an adjective heavy Apple-esqe introductory feel, but these words aren’t describing a new iPhone. These words were meant for Tesla’s solar solution for your home.

The application of solar harvested energy is amazing, even on a small scale. A prime example would be a digital watch’s life, lasting an average of about two years running on solely battery, versus 10-plus years running conjointly with the combination of solar energy and a battery. My Tough Solar G-Shock brand watch from my teenage years is willing to take the witness stand to all non-believers in the wonders of solar power.

Why should I care about solar power?

Growing up used to be about caring, and even though the grammar school days of, “don’t do drugs” D.A.R.E., and Smokey the, “don’t set the forest on fire” Bear are long behind many of us, the question arises, why should I personally make an effort in contributing to the efficiency of energy usage at home? Because taking care of the environment means that the environment will return the favor, and take care of you. Hopefully the idea doesn’t sound too hippie as a minority of homeowners are already hopping on the solar roof panel train.


Tesla Vision

Let’s hope Elon Musk isn’t flying too close to the sun when it comes to the general population’s adaptation to his solar panels taking off in popularity. Heading over to Tesla’s website, customers are now allowed to receive quote estimates for the cost of adding solar panels to an existing roof.

If you have around 19 minutes to spare, there’s a video on Tesla’s website with Elon explaining the importance of becoming more sustainable when it comes to energy consumption and conservation. For those of you that believe that Tesla is solely those cool self driving electric cars, Musk states Tesla’s goal is to, “accelerate the advent of sustainable energy.”

The Current Problem with Panels

Anything involving the terms addition plus roofing in the same sentence will typically equal expensive as the end result of that equation. Solar panel roofing isn’t particularly new technology per se, but the redesign and redefinition of solar panel technology is where Tesla is accelerating at, and separating themselves from the mainstream market.

Tesla has done away with the old method of installation, requiring you to rip up your existing roof to make way for less efficient solar panels. Tesla utilizes “rail-less” technology, sleek aesthetics, and an almost entry-level DIY mounting system that’s IKEA-ish in nature. This still should not encourage the handy-dandy impaired to fiddle around on a roof anytime soon in an overly eager effort to be eco-friendly. Tesla made sure to make aesthetics a priority as they outline how the appearance of the panels will look from a distance, versus up close.

Panel view from above

Panel view from average street distance

Tesla is currently offering four different solar panel roof tile types that include smooth glass, textured glass, slate glass, and tuscan glass. Let us know if you’re teaming up with Tesla to make your home a sustainable solar solution.

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