Toyota showed off a new Crossover at the New York Auto Show in hopes of appealing to millennials; a demographic often difficult to read.

With many millennials striving to live the ideal, Instagram worthy life, Toyota stepped in to assist. The Toyota FT-4X can be a dual-threat for a city dweller with a desire to adventure on the weekends. Fitted with all the necessary features for finding the perfect photo-op, Toyota describes this car to be ideal for someone who, “Is fond of the outdoors but operate almost always indoors,” according to USA Today.

The car is 63.9 inches tall and 167.3 inches long and has a wheel base of 103.9 inches. While the details regarding what exact engine will be fitted, a 4-cylinder could be the most logical option. The FT-4X is equipped with tires capable of traversing on numerous types of terrain, but it is not an ideal option for off-roading.

The driver’s side rearview mirror contains a GoPro Hero5 Session to capture any excursion or accident. The most appealing feature, however, may be the rear hatch. It opens both vertically and horizontally in an effort to provide accessibility and an uninhibited view out the rear of the vehicle. Both of the hatch doors have a separate role. One has a heater and the other contains a small refrigerator.


The arm rests are fitted with USB ports, the roof is equipped with power outlets and the dash has a mount for cell phones instead of a built-in screen and navigation system. The center armrest is a North Face sleeping bag because, why not?

Toyota designers admitted at the Auto Show that they met with millennials in San Fransisco to hear their suggestions for what a perfect car would be. This may be the beginning of a terrifying trend for car purists, but companies have been striving to appeal to millennials for years, and this could be the solution.

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