They won’t confirm or deny it. Either way, the entry of a trailblazer of the mobile industry in the now promising niche of self-driven cars is defining. Definitely, a worthy spectacle to look forward to; A battle of heavyweights, think of Tesla, Ford and Google, to mention few squaring it out with the iCar.

After years of speculation and hearsay, the California DMV finally confirmed what Apple couldn’t. Hold your horses’ brother; we are just joining the dots. No explicit confirmation of a production line has been made.  Nevertheless, the resulting line looks, for sure, as an iCar in the offing. How then do you explain the permit awarded by the California Department of Motor Vehicles?  For Apple to start carrying tests on self-driven cars? Your guess is as good as mine but only time will tell

Worldwide popularity and undisputed track record

Enlisted as the most valuable company around the globe, Apple does not run short in remaining upfront leaving the other ‘minors’ to catch up with them. Looking at the company’s history, you will realize that once they decide to tap into an opportunity, they fully do so with maximum commitment, resource allocation as well as research. An example is the launch of the iPhone, iPad and iPod who’s technology was already in existence then, with but they made a breakthrough into the market and appeared as if they were the original inventors of the technology.

So this should not come as a surprise to tech fanatics who might have heard of Apples `Titan’ project that was rumored to shake up Tesla’s innovation in the electric car production.

Enormous Cumulative Wealth


Following Steve Job’s (Co- founder of Apple) breakthrough and major contributions in the tech cycle, no doubt that the value of the company has tremendously outdone itself with skyrocketing sales over the years.

Considering that Apple has a whopping 246 dollars under their sleeves, it is needless to say that the company can easily purchase the autonomous technology to build their own cars. Also worth noting is the acknowledgment of Apple’s appreciation in revolutionizing software and hardware technology thus Apple can’t be underestimated in putting all their resources in accomplishing the same in the vehicle industry.

Also rumored is plans by Apple to buy out Tesla and have them under their management. This is yet to be confirmed by either party but should be food for thought for those out there thinking that Apple is incapable of pulling great surprises. Even after the demise of Job, the Apple Company has been able to remain relevant and releasing state of the art technology to the millions of consumers out there.

Huge automobile market base

Reasons for major automobile manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors and Tesla having a neck to neck competition is mainly due to the overwhelming customers globally.

This implies that the companies have to step forward in having excellent delivery to their customers with promising rewards such as seen in the latest Newyork Auto show. I bet this has been one of the weighing factors for iCar’s decision to pursuing test driving permits from the California Motor Vehicle Department.

Anticipated designs and features of iCar

It would be absurd to leave out the nitty gritties of the expected model and traits that the futuristic car is set to possess. By early February spectators were filled with multiple concepts the iCar was expected to portray knowing how well Apple safeguards their secrets for their products before the official launch. Some of the key prospects include: upgraded car mode, GPS system that aids users to navigate to the nearest services e.g. motel, restaurants, fuelling and charging stations for electrically propelled cars.

Also expect a spacious 4- seater interior layout, standard Wi-Fi hotspot, numerous cameras for self- driving capabilities. This will be no ordinary automobile as the car is more of an interactive partner that provides that friendly interaction with its occupants. When it comes to sensitivity the car is top class with the capability of detecting a change in surrounding atmospheric conditions, users’ mood, entertainment etc.

With the much-expected interior and exterior deco’s, the car is approximated to cost between $60,000 and $80,000.

Looks like Apple has spotted a gold mine that is the automobile industry that will truly propel the company to greater limits and attain the best accomplishment in the years they have been in existence. So let’s give the iCar space to showcase its prowess in providing comfort and conveyance.

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