If you’re a person who enjoys museums, then you will love the German museum that is dedicated to science and technology. It’s known officially as the Deutsches Museum of Masterpieces of Science and Technology and is located in Munich.

Once you are in the museum, you will be transported into another world that has over fifty different fields of science and arts.  The exhibitions include industrial production, transport, energy, environment, and communication just to name a few.

You will also get to enjoy an interactive experience that you can touch while following instructions.

It is a fun, interactive environment for all ages, and you can even discover things such as how chemicals react. Even if you wanted to learn about the shapes of ships, you can do that at the Deutsches Museum.

Some Interesting Exhibits


There is a transportation exhibit where you will see a submarine, as well as, an airplane. Another exhibit that might interest you is the environment, which includes a transparent column filled with garbage. It is a smart way to raise awareness about how much garbage a person produces every year.

In the environment exhibit, you will also learn about ways you can reduce, reuse and recycle your garbage. You will feel like your back in science class with the detailed modules that discuss the history of air, water , farming, climate and pollution.

Additionally, the Altamira Cave is considered the most unique exhibit in the museum. It was originally located in Spain, which had animal paintings from the Stone Age.

Once you enter the museum, you will be able to choose the exhibit you would like to see. One popular exhibit is the transport center, or Verkehrszentrum, where you can see many exhibits related to cars and trains.

Some other permanent exhibits are the ceramics, chronometry, chemistry, digital imaging, computers, energy technology and electrical power. There are also many other exhibits you can look at while you are at the museum.

The history behind the museum 

The reason behind the museum was to bring forth various science and technology inventions to the public. Moreover, it is meant to show the impact on social and technical development.

The museum holds a collection of work compromising roughly 94,000 objects with a library that have over 850,000 materials.

Furthermore, according to the I like Germany website, some symbols of the museum include the founder, Oskar von Miller. The website also states that he began the construction of the museum in 1903.

There were temporary exhibits in the Old National Museum while the museum was being built, and it was officially open in 1906.

Visiting the Museum

If you’re visiting the museum from another country, there are English-speaking tour guides that have extensive knowledge in the exhibits. Additionally, there also workshops and specialized lectures. They are open to people of all ages, and it is meant to be a fun and educational experience.

Whether you want to go alone, with your friends of even make it a family event, you will learn something at the Deutsches museum. Therefore, it is a good place to visit if you are going to Germany.

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