Google has released the long awaited update for Google Earth. Google hinted at the update earlier this month but provided users with little information on what the update would include.

The update, specifically designed for the Web and Android includes guided tours, Knowledge cards, and several other features that allow for unique discoveries.

New Google Chrome Update

Guided tours, found under the ‘Voyager’ tab, were created by Google with assistance from non-profits and scientists from all over the world. The Voyager feature also includes voice over from renown storytellers. There are several options for tours including “National Treasures” which takes users to unique places all over the Earth, describes the wildlife and more about the specific ecosystems.

Other tours include the exploration of remote islands, National Parks, oceans, endangered species and unusual lakes, just to name a few. The tours offer 360-degree views and utilize the Google Street View technology to provide close-up images of nearly every aspect of the Earth. The new 3D feature gives also gives users the opportunity to see the world from a completely new perspective.


The ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ tab on Google Earth allows for the exploration of over 20,000 different areas on Earth. Google has also included a “Knowledge Card” for these areas that will give people more information about the place they are exploring.

This update is furthering Google’s influence in the travel sphere. They already offer Google Flights, as well as, Google Trips which assist in the stressful process of travel planning. This update will help people discover new places they would like to visit and help educate their audience on the less populated areas of the earth.




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