iWork, GarageBand and iMovie have been made free to all users

Until now, there were a number of Apple’s free apps that were only available (at no cost, anyway) to people who had purchased a Mac or iOS device in recent years. Now, though, Apple just made a bunch of Mac and iOS apps free to all users on both platforms.

Apps involved in the change include iMovie, Keynote, Numbers and GarageBand.

Schools can make use of Apple’s free apps

People who purchased an iOS or Mac device since 2013 were already eligible for the free apps (which let’s face it is a lot of us).

However, as well as giving free access to a lot more individuals, the changes also mean that businesses and educational institutions, who aren’t exactly known for waiting in line all night for the latest devices, will get access at no cost.


A related release from Apple, also on April 18th, said:

“If your business or educational institution is enrolled in the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP), you can get free managed distribution copies for Pages, Numbers, Keynote, GarageBand, and iMovie in the VPP store. You can then use Apple Configurator or your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to assign these apps to an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac that you manage.”

The newly free apps are good for people with older devices (okay, maybe not this old). Source: Wikipedia

Included in the iWork suite are Pages, Numbers and Keynote, which as CNBC points out are similar to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint respectively, and all of those are clearly much-loved by educational institutions and smaller businesses.

Those sorts of organizations may now wish to make use of similar options among Apple’s free apps, but may not have replaced Apple hardware recently enough to have previously been entitled to Apple apps at no cost.

Good news for those with used devices

Before now, something like GarageBand would have cost around $9.99 whereas an iWork app would be up to $19.99.

Apple's free apps include Numbers, Pages and Keynote
Source: TechCrunch

Also among those to benefit from the change are people who have purchased used Apple devices and would therefore not have been eligible for Apple’s free apps. This applies to a lot of individuals, and purchasing used hardware is often something that’s done by schools too.

News of the price change was first broken by MacRumors.

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