American physicists announced they created a fluid with negative mass. This has received a lot of attention from scientists because it means that an object moves forward when it is pushed back.

So how was it created? It began inside a Washington State University lab where the physicists cooled rubidium atoms to just above zero. This is known as the Bose-Einstein condensate. In this state, the particles move slowly and mimic waves. They synchronize and act like a “superfluid” which flows without losing energy.

Additionally, a Bose-Einstein condensate is a group of atoms that are cooled down to the point where there is no movement in the group.

Therefore, the atoms begin to group together and become identical. In a certain point of view, the whole group begins to behave like it was one atom.


Peter Engels and his team of physicists used lasers to slow down the particles. This makes them colder, but also gives them hot, high energy particles to escape like steam. Therefore, it will cool the material.

In order to create negative mass, the team placed a second set of lasers which kicks the atoms back and forth. This changes the way they spin. Once this is complete, the rubidium behaved like it was negative mass, just as long as it moved out fast enough.

Scientists explained how the rubidium hit an “an invisible wall.” This is mind blowing because of how it can help scientists explore difficult concepts of the cosmos.

This will act as a tool to conduct experiments, which study astrophysics like neutron stars, and black holes and dark energy. This used to be impossible.

One way to describe dark energy is that it is a new type of energy field, or fluid, which fills all of space. However, the effect on the expansion of the universe is the opposite of how matter works.

That is why the new information regarding negative matter gives scientists control over these theories.

What does this mean for science?

Negative mass has been discussed before, and it is believed to act as a shortcut between two points in the universe, just as the electric charge can be either positive or negative, matter can also have positive or negative matter. It is rare for scientists to think this way.

Furthermore, an object with negative mass, Newton’s second law of motion (F=ma) a force is equal to the mass of an object multiplied by its acceleration, this would behave in reverse.

Canadian background

Canadian cosmologists alluded to this discovery in 2014, when they announced negative matter could exist in the universe. However, this means it will not violate the laws of physics. This is as long as the negative mass was produced in a certain way.

Furthermore, it could exist according to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

These new findings will hopefully give scientists a better understanding of certain phenomena, and how they relate to one another. Therefore, it could give us a better understanding of how the cosmos works.

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