The shopping-through-conversation app is proving a hit with users

The Shopbolt app is a free service that lets online shoppers search for and buy whatever they are looking for via chat – a revolutionary idea that’s getting hugely positive feedback from users.

You know how sometimes there’s something you need to do but you don’t know how, and instead of Googling for hours through sites that vaguely get what you’re looking for but not quite, you wish you could just message a knowledgeable friend and ask directly? Shopbolt is kinda like that friend.

(Except they’ll never look at the message and think “I’ll deal with that later.”)

Shopbolt is also currently offering a significantly discounted taste of what all the excitement is about, with 10% if you spend $20 or more. Just mention discount code Summer17 when chatting with a Shopbolt representative.

From query to order in six lines of chat


Online shopping is great, but a lot of headaches can come with it. One of the major issues is the time it takes to trawl through sites selling relevant products, and then you have to look for extra information and reviews.

Other problems include taking, even more, time to look for discount vouchers, and worrying about whether you want to punch your credit card details into a new, suspiciously cheap site you’ve found.

The Shopbolt app’s increasing popularity is likely down in no small part to the fact that it takes care of all of those concerns.

The Shopbolt app is very easy to use
Source: Shopbolt/TechDigg

The service’s website explains that:

“Shopbolt is a free service that helps you shop by text message or email. Just tell Shopbolt what you want and we’ll find you the best product for your needs at the best price. We do the research, coupon clipping, and checkout for you so you can just send in a request and go on with your life.”

Examples on the front page of the site show a user messaging the service to say: “I want to buy a pair of the latest Nike Flyknit Lunars.” An informal message comes back to ask about size and color preferences, the user says price is the most important thing, and then a message with the best option swiftly arrives.

Six messages into the conversation and the user has told Shopbolt to ship the sneakers to their office.

There’s no need to worry about payment details and shipment addresses etc., as Shopbolt already has all of that on file.

Shopbolt app helps with everything from Flyknits to food

The company told TechDigg that the aim is: To save customers the time and effort that goes into researching a product before any purchase, especially for those who procrastinate in making a purchase (i.e. you’re late buying a gift for someone special or you’re shopping for a new TV and overwhelmed by the number of choices).”

The Shopbolt app is currently available on iOS and Android.

One reviewer said Shopbolt is the “best butler you can possibly have”, while another simply said: “I love these guys.”

That reviewer went on to give a quite eclectic list of possible requests, saying: “Flower deliveries, movie tickets or my new bed frame; their suggestions are fantastic.”

Source: Shopbolt

The Shopbolt website’s front page gives a broad range of examples too, with the Flyknits accompanied by a food blender, a baby’s car seat, jeans and a fitness tracker among other items.

A whole party (almost) is taken care of in a single chat, with chips for the party and cleaner for the morning after both sorted out in one go.

Shopbolt is one of those ideas that comes along from time to time and makes you amazed it hasn’t been thought of before (and makes you wish you had thought of it). Fortunately, it has now arrived.




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