No matter how good you are with the camera, without light, you can never take a picture! That shouldn’t come as a surprise. Basic tenets of physics decree that light travels from an object to the camera lens.

It, therefore, goes without saying that controlling the light intensity is a key element for a good shot. The Litebox LED Photography Softbox Lighting Kit promises to achieve light control through an inbuilt mechanism without the necessary baggage of replacing bulbs and filters and diffusers.

From the manufacturer product description, this is a must have product for any professional or amateur photographer who is dissatisfied with their current photography lighting system. It’s a fairly new kid on the block of photography lighting systems.

Product Specifications


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  • The Litebox lighting kit features 50000 output lumens. It suffices to suggest that indoor photography just got a little bit easier and much more fun.
  • The adjustable LED light, with a reflective softbox, is the crown jewel of this lighting kit. With the search for powerful luminosity, any photographer worth their salt would wish to have control over the light intensity for perfect shots. This is simply achieved by manipulating the switch and light dimmer knob. You need not fidget with replacing bulbs.

  • The softbox kit comes with a 10 foot cord that has a standard USB plug to transfer power from the main source. The steady power source is strengthened by two P -45 power bricks and 45 watts of continuous power for the LED bulbs.
  • Litebox has a daylight color scheme of 5500k which is above the average of 4000 of most photography related devices. This high scheme translates to nice interface hence the objects come out as clear display.
  • Built to withstand the test of time. The Litebox 45 features an adjustable seven feet six inches long tripod stand that is aluminum coated for a professional craftsmanship appearance besides the extra shield of protection against adverse environmental conditions. It’s worth noting that the tripod legs features anti-slip rubber to ensure that your lighting system never collapses in the midst of a crucial photography capture moment.
  • By any standard, the Litebox 45 is very lightweight. Weighing a paltry 2.5 pounds it should be easy to carry around with you for outdoor photo sessions.

Potential Deal Breakers

There are some disadvantages that I personally feel the quality control department may have overlooked. This needs a second thought to make this product be what it’s being touted to be by the manufacturer- a first among photography lighting system.

For starters the product features an inbuilt cooling fan with a diffuser cap, it’s not an energy efficient machine. At a time when the focus is on green energy and focus is on the protection of the environment, the heat that Litebox 45 generates when in continuous use.

Though, at no given time did the manufacturer suggest that the Litebox 45 could be used for video shooting, the deliberate silence should ring bells. The fans are also too loud making indoor video shooting or interview coverage virtually impossible. Don’t even think about switching off the fan. Under less than 5 minutes your lighting system will be toasted!

It’s general theme keeps on appearing among disgruntled users at Amazon verified purchases.

Issues of complexity in assembling the lighting system have also been raised by other users. Nonetheless, I had no problem with it. The user manual augmented with tutorial set up videos on the Internet would go a long way in fixing this.

On The Weighing Scale

Having a closer look at its competitors, factoring in price and the craftsmanship, the Litebox 45 is punching above its weight.  The Savage 500W LED studio light kit has two translucent umbrellas and an AC socket lamp which are no match to the Litebox’s power compact equipment.

The Savage Cobra Interview LED Light Kit may have the 3X luminous pro led video lights but the price is way over the top as compared to Litebox, averaging at about $1200. I guess you would be paying for the 85% energy efficiency of the device!

Deal or No Deal

The Litebox LED photography softbox light kit fails the versatility and energy efficiency test, however, if you are in the market for an affordable lighting system for photography work alone, I would rate and recommend this product highly. Throw in video and interview sessions into the equation; I would suggest that you look somewhere else.

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