Many things have been happening in Cupertino since the beginning of 2017. Apple has announced the upcoming opening of ‘Apple Park’, released the iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED™ Special Edition, and now we are all anxiously anticipating the arrival of what could be the best iPad model the company has ever produced – the iPad Pro 2.

Many rumors have surrounded the new iPad since the idea of it was first mentioned last year. After Apple announced a slate of new products last month, the new model has gotten even more attention. Like most Apple products, the upcoming device is expected to come with an onslaught of new and upgraded features. These include the iPad itself, as well as, the accessories that work with it.

New iPad Pro 2 Sizes

The first generation iPad Pro comes in two sizes, 12.9″ and 9.7″, which are both thinner than the iPad Air. Of course, while many Apple lovers fell in love with the remarkably thin iPad Pro with a large amount of screen real estate, the company is expected to keep the thinness and add even more display space on the new iPad Pro 2.


According to Macotakara, a group that is rarely wrong about its Apple leaks, the middle of the three new models will boast a 10.5″ display while keeping the overall size of the device the same as the current 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

One way Apple may make this happen is by removing the home button on the iPad Pro 2. The same 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch variants are also expected to be released alongside the rumored 10.5-inch model.

What About the Headphone Jack?

It may be safe to go ahead and get those AirPods that you’ve been holding off on purchasing because you may need them. We all remember the fiasco that surrounded the removal of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, and we could see the same with the iPad Pro 2.

This will also play a huge part in keeping the device thin while also packing it with all the upgraded goodies on the inside and giving it a larger display.

Also, like the iPhone 7, the new iPad is most likely going to be water and dust resistant. While tablets (especially larger ones) are mostly known for being used inside the home or office, this feature could protect your iPad Pro 2 against spilled drinks or pesky particles in the air.

More Power and Faster Processor

As beautiful and sleek as Apple products are on the outside, the company spends even more time and energy developing the parts most of us will never see. We may see it as magic, but the pieces of the device that are housed behind the screen and enclosed within the aluminum casing all work together to allow the user to send files faster, take better photos, and work harder on their iPad. The new iPad Pro 2 is taking that to the next level.

The new iPad may be the closest Apple can get to putting computer capabilities inside of a tablet. With an expected A10 processor to encourage faster performance speeds, the new iPad could run much like the MacBook line. Currently, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus both have an A10 processor chip (and boy are they fast!), so the upgrade could definitely make a big difference for the iPad, too.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro already boasts 4GB of RAM, but the 9.7-inch variant is still holding onto just 2GB. The iPad Pro 2 may have 4GB across all versions, making the two smaller models just as powerful as the larger one.

Camera and Battery

For those of us who love to take photos on our large iPads, a camera upgrade is definitely on the wishlist. Right now, the iPad Pro has a 12MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, and while Apple is not expected to change the amount of pixels on the new iPad Pro 2, we could see the implementation of the dual-lens that we see on the iPhone 7 Plus. 

Not much has been said about the battery expectations, but we can assume it will improve thanks to the new A10 processor chip.

Accessories and Cases

If the headphone jack is removed from the iPad Pro 2’s design, we can definitely expect a new line of cases for the new lineup. This could also give Apple an opportunity to revive its line of iPad cases, which haven’t been getting as much attention as the iPhone cases in recent years.

The Apple Pencil may also see a few positive changes, although they’re mainly in regards to physical design. Rumor has it the Apple Pencil may include a magnet on the inside that will allow it to stick to the iPad Pro 2 or its case, as well as a clip of some sort of the side to keep it from rolling away.

Price and Release Date Expectations

There’s nothing concrete on the price for the new iPad Pro just yet, but if we go off the pricing for the first generation iPad Pro, we can expect the new model to start at around $599 and work its way up from there. Of course with all of the new features and upgrades that may come along with it, the price could rise accordingly.

When it was announced last month that Apple was working on the new iPad Pro model, many consumers thought a September 2017 release was most probable. However, as we find out more about the upcoming device, it could launch as soon May or during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. There’s also a chance that the iPad Pro 2 could be announced at the event, but not made available until September, which would line it up with the next iPhone launch and major iOS release.

While many iPad Pro users may not see the necessary changes in the iPad Pro 2 to convince them to upgrade their device, the new model may entice those of us who haven’t yet purchased the Pro version of Apple’s innovative tablet to bite the bullet. As we all know by now, Apple never fails to deliver when it launches a new device. Are you planning on purchasing the new iPad Pro 2? What upgrades or changes are you looking forward to most?

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