AeroMobil, a company that specializes in the development of flying cars recently revealed their new model. Customers are able to pre-order the vehicle, but it will not be shipped until at least 2020.

The company had originally planned for a flying car to be available for purchase by 2017, but complications have pushed the delivery back several years.

The AeroMobil is a hybrid and the battery has a range of 434 miles and a flight range of 466 miles. The car can transfer from a car to a flying machine in less than three minutes.


During flight, the AeroMobile can go 224 miles per hour, but has a max speed of 100 mph while driving. Inside the car will be a mix of instruments necessary for both flying and driving. It will have a steering wheel, but also screens and controls to help the car take off and land. When in flight, users will have the option to use the autonomous flight mode.


The AeroMobil will be made of carbon fiber to ensure maneuverability, as well as, safety. It will also be equipped with a parachute in case of any complications that may arise while flying. When in car mode, the AeroMobil is just over 19 feet long and 7 feet wide. When in flight mode, the length is still just over 19 feet, but it becomes nearly 29 feet wide with the wings deployed.

The max weight allowed when taking off is about one ton. The engine is a 2.0 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder with front wheel drive. While driving, the AeroMobil has 110 BHP, and in the air, it can deploy 300 BHP.

The AeroMobil company recently received several million dollars in investments which has allowed them to continue with the manufacturing and the research process. It will cost customers $1.3 million to pre-order the AeroMobil and users can expect to receive it sometime after 2020.

With several companies furthering their research for self-driving cars, AeroMobil has surpassed all expectations and pursued the development of flying cars. However, with the recent AeroMobil setbacks, we should expect to see self-driving cars available far before flying cars.

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