The motto of one of the easiest and quickest apps for recordings is, “record and save money.” How awesome, right? These modern tools help hundreds of thousands of people hit the button and record talks, interviews or just have fun while communicating with one another.

It’s so easy to use a top podcast app that not only saves you money but “spares your minutes”, as the founders of such apps promise.

Meet SpareMin and other cool free podcast apps

Have you explored the top recording app yet?

Given the new wave of heavily upgraded apps for recordings, SpareMin has yet to go miles before reaching users worldwide. Launched by Neil Mody and Oliver Wellington, SpareMin focuses on facilitating the creation and consumption of content simply through voice recordings.

In case you are wondering where this interesting idea stems from, just think about the blogging niche in general. A few years back, the blogging sphere managed to reach its peak and with that, the thought of alleviating the process of finding a specific set of interests and categories was brought to the table.


Ultimately, readers could be offered a new and distinct way to access all these favorite fields arousing their interest. As a consequence, brand-new podcast apps were simply born out of the concept to create a simple and easy way to use a podcasting tool that is connected to everything out there in the virtual world.

What to know about the top podcast apps

Sparemin and facebook
SpareMin is integrated with Android and iOS

Considered extremely useful and excellent recording tools on the market, today these podcast apps get used and downloaded by many individuals developing professionally in different fields.

If truth be told, we all are in a high need of helpful apps that can reach out a hand when looking for relevant content that is based on our interests. Besides, the marketing and publishing spheres could see an immense potential in sharing their online content with users through audio recordings.

The best part about such recording tools is that the recorded content can be easily shared with the online community as it also features Android and iOS integration.

Use totally free recording apps!

Believe it or not, the family of podcast apps hasn’t ceased growing and expanding since the very beginning. Thousands of journalists and brands have been using and putting their trust into useful apps, such as BeyondPod Podcast Manager, DoggCatcher Podcast Player, and other recording tools.

The bad news is, however, that not all of these modern recording apps are totally free for all international users as the majority of them still feature a minimum tax starting from $2.50 and going upwards.

As an example, such podcast tools like Pocket Casts, or even the quite new SpareMin app, have aroused the interest of leading brands, such as FORBES, CNN, Slate, FOX and so on.

If you browse through some of them, you can get to know how things are done by checking the featured recordings of a wide variety of brands available on the internet.

Tip: check which ones are totally free of charge

In truth, it feels like most of these curious apps designed for audio recordings are stuck with a pretty bad downside. In other words, if you check some of the most popular on the market, you’d realize that they feature a symbolical fee just to get you hooked.

Naturally, we’re not talking about a high fee that will cost you an arm and a leg, however, it’s good to know which tools are free and which require a charge at the end of the day. Just to measure the good and bad sides of the most famous and top recording apps, a few of them that are also decent choices have no fee, such as, SpareMin, Podcast and Radio Addict, or RssDemon News and Podcast Reader.

All of them are presented as useful podcast tools that offer crystal sound and facilitate the idea of finding content that serves the user’s interests and hobbies.

Have you tried any of them? If so, then what are your thoughts? Would you recommend a specific kind that you love using or seems pretty useful to you?

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