The Internet of Things is aiming to make security better, however there is room for improvement. CloudFlare is attempting to work on fixing the problem with a new service called Orbit, but it still has some risks related to new botnets that hackers are exploiting.

For example, they are hacking medical devices that compromise hospital networks, and even smart toys for children. This is because the new botnets have conscripted routers and security cameras.

The Orbit security service is a new layer of defense for the Internet of Things. It can make connected devices more secure, but there are some concerns. It is meant to to act as a VPN for IoT, and it is meant to act as a tunnel so you will have access to the Internet.

According to the Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince, the traffic between IoT devices will go through Cloudflare’s global network, and they will put it in place. Additionally, Global News Wire noted that Prince said that the security system is already helping over 120 million IoT devices, and it is a new way to offer some protection.


However, they might still be vulnerable, but it will give them sometimeorbit for the software or hardware developer to get the patch done correctly. Therefore, people will apply the patch over time, and it will be an additional layer of security.

The new service is geared towards manufacturers of consumer -grade 107 devices. It promises to protect and implement a virtual patch of blocking connectivity from malware.

The system will offer multiple data security options, such as if verification up to full cryptographic connection signing. This will ensure that the data moving through the security is protected. In addition, you won’t have to worry about your data logs remaining in the system.

It will pass through the network.  Furthermore, Orbit  security will be a stand alone product that the Internet of Things companies can use without paying for any of the other services. Orbit  has been in the works for about 18 months, and is still seen as a work in progress.

Some Tradeoffs for Orbit

There are some setbacks to this system. For example, you won’t get centralized Internet of Things control. So what makes it complex?  first of all, the system includes routers, and they need a security boost more than any other device.

However, Cloudflare gets access to your internet connectivity and browsing data. Only time will tell if the risks are worth it in the end, but there are talks regarding awareness campaigns. The campaigns are meant to inform people that there are companies that could have access to their devices.

That way, all parties involved will understand the implications of a VPN service. The service won’t replace updates and other integral protection, such as security on individual units. However, it should provide some structure. Security is still new to many IoT companies, and the theory is that Orbit is better than nothing.

The Benefits of Orbitorbit

There are positives to this product, and they are a secure data transfer, threats blocked, fast and inexpensive firmware updates, and improved battery life. This means you will get faster updates, and reduced bandwidth costs. It is up to everyone involved to decide if the good outweighs the bad, but it is meant to act as a heightened form of security.