With cars becoming smarter and smarter, it was only a matter of time before we saw smart tires as well. Although some car manufacturers are beginning to detach the wheels completely to prepare for the future of flying vehicles, and some others are programming cars to drive all by themselves, no one wants to leave their beloved Volkswagen Beetle or Vespa Piaggio in the dusty garage.

Who doesn’t feel tempted by the groundbreaking tech news in the automotive field? Whether you cannot afford a brand new Inspector Gadget Jeep Grand Cherokee or you are a vintage, old soul when it comes to cars, it’s time to build a swing with those old wheels and take a chance on these Smart Tires!

Bridgestone Airless Tires Concept

Believe it or not, this Bridgestone concept dates back to 2011. Although patented six years ago, the company has finally adapted their technology for bikes, and will be making them available in 2019. Get ready to see these at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020!


In addition to letting you wave goodbye to punctures and the nightmare of putting air in the tires once a week, the Tokyo-based company aims to protect you and the planet. To reduce c02 emissions and make transport more sustainable, all the materials used are recycled and transformed into a thermoplastic resin. Plus, because of the air-free feature, its light weight will help riders and drivers alike to prevent injuries or frustration when changing their tires.

Another great appeal to this smart tire is the reduced resistance between professional and amateur cyclists, which may maximize efficiency and reduce wasted energy. If all goes well, it’s just a matter of time before we start enjoying the fusion of convenience and sustainability from Bridgestone in our cars as well.

Liddiard Omnidirectional Wheels

Parallel parking: A nightmare for some! Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could make some omnidirectional wheels? Oh, wait… Meet William Liddiard, a Canadian guy who shares your struggle.

Probably tired of waiting for someone else to create the gadget of their dreams, he made it himself. The difference between this and other tires of its kind is that his design doesn’t require any extra modification to the car, which you can see in the video below in which he puts these smart tires on his own vehicle:

However, it is just a prototype that Liddiard is hoping to sell to a major brand like Goodyear or Honda after some refinement. Nevertheless, this is still a great futuristic idea and game changer for tires!

The Pirelli Connesso Smart Tires

IoT, the Internet Of Tires, could not be absent from this list. In the new age of smart cities, Pirelli wants you to bring to life interactive rides using a small sensor attached to the wall of your tires. The P Zero and Winter Sottozero models are both smart tires connected to a smartphone app.

Among the kind of data the sensor will gather, you can find temperature and pressure, vertical loads, and tire wear and mileage. Also, there’s a feature which helps you find the nearest Pirelli dealership for maintenance and even order a tire if needed.

Resultado de imagen para Pirelli connesso

To add a bit of flair to your ride, you can now order the Connesso tires with red, white, yellow and silver accents, following the best F1’s style. The company will create a custom color for the most eccentric speed racers, too! Go pre-order yours now, deliveries are slated for summer 2017!

Whether you are looking for smart tires that are compatible with your bike or car, it’s nice to know that so many individuals and companies are set on helping pave the way in transportation innovation.