Driving while using a smartphone is a major problem that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. We’ve seen and heard of countless road fatalities that have a lot to do with the driver failing to pay attention to the road due to using a smartphone.

The question is, what is it we need to do in order to get drivers to forget about using their smartphones while traveling from one destination to the next? Governments have relied on advertisements about reckless driving, but apparently such attempts have failed.

Nissan to the Rescue

The idea Nissan has for some of its upcoming rides is to integrate a Faraday cage directly into the armrest. If everything goes according to plan, the Faraday cage could turn out to be the very thing that decreases road collisions.

According to the automaker, the commercial name for the compartment is the Nissan Signal Shield. The primary function is for drivers to add their smartphone and other connected devices inside. The product will then proceed to block all Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular connections right off the back.


“The Nissan Signal Shield is a good example of a technology that can help drivers be phone smart. For those who can’t avoid the temptation, this simple but pretty clever tech gives them a valuable mobile-free zone. We are asking all drivers to make a personal commitment not to use a handheld phone at the wheel by visiting www.bephonesmart.uk and sharing their promise with their friends and family,” a Nissan press release said.

What About Playing Back Content?

Playing back content should be no problem, as the Nissan Signal Shield gives the option for the driver to playback music from a USB port or auxiliary. Nissan didn’t go into many details, but we guess music content needs to be saved directly on the smartphone, so no streaming while driving, friends.

When it comes down to restoring full functionality to your smart device, just open the lid of the Signal Shield and move on from there. Now, one should bear in mind this is merely a concept idea for the new Nissan Juke, so there’s a chance it might never become a reality for public use.

With all attempts to stop drivers from using their smart devices while around the wheel, we love the idea of car manufacturers taking a stand. Something needs to be done quickly to stop the increase of lives lost on roads around the world.

Not everyone will have the interest of stepping inside a self-driving car, henceforth, there need to be vehicles available to keep these folks from causing harm to themselves and pedestrians. Hopefully, the Nissan Signal Shield is the beginning of something wonderful we all can get behind.