A Monopolistic market is how I would describe headphones that come with our handset. For a protracted period of time, you had to do with what the manufacturer provides. In such environment, quality is more often than not sacrificed.

Times changes and we with time. 1More triple driver lightning in-ear headphone touts to challenge the establishment. Defining itself as an industry disrupting innovation, 1 More triple driver is breaking ground in the headphone industry by fusing triple driver with lightning technology for the unparalleled audio experience.

You need not break the bank to have a piece of the 1More triple driver. It will set you back $149.99 from Amazon. Oh yes, It’s compatible with iPhone7.

Product Specification

1more triple driver

  • Lightning connector: with the iPhone 7 no longer features the 3.5mm audio jack, 1 More triple driver boast of a lightning connector which makes it compatible with iPhone 7. Fused with the triple drivers you are technically shifting from 16-bit rate (CD-quality audio) to24-bit high-resolution Sounds that are akin to studio recordings.

  • Single button with five functionalities: deviating from the standard three button control feature of conventional headphones, the 1More triple driver features a 5-in-1 Controller. Think of the manual gear transmission vehicle but only this time instead of shifting gears you would be alternating tracks, making calls and adjusting volume using the joystick.
  • Three drivers with high definition digital-to-analog converter: the 1More triple driver features a dual balanced armature that caters for the mids and highs while the single dynamic driver handles the bass frequency. Talk of division of sound frequency production that ensures superior audio delivery with minimal clarity loss.
  • Comfort designs: the product is designed with the end user interaction in mind. Earpieces are slanted at an angle that ensures proper fit with your ear sound passage. This goes a long way in maximizing noise cancellation.

  • Tuned to perfection: Luca Bignardi is the sound engineer responsible for the expert tuning of the 1More triple driver. Need I say more?


Product Design

Straight from the packaging to the accompanying accessories, the 1More three-layered driver is sending a clear message of functionality bounded on aesthetics. Who does parade design sketches of its in-ear monitors for all to see? The 1More three-fold driver does inscribe the history and design of the product on its packaging.

Well nestled pockets of smaller packages that house the add-ons ooze sheer class. 8 pairs of varying sizes of silicon ear buds, farce leather casing with a magnetic clip that features the company’s logo, shirt clip and an airplane adapter are all wrapped up in the product casing.

The 1More triple driver boasts of a sandblasted body frame that aims to eliminate the magnetic fingerprinting of highly polished surfaces. The earpieces are made from aluminum (light weight metal) with the cable bounded in Kevlar reinforced in a braided cover all the way from the “Y interchange” to the lightning connector.

Give it to 1More. Killing three birds (tangle resistance, safety and aesthetics) with the single incorporation of the braided layer of nylon.

How great does the 1More Triple Driver sounds?

Away with the poetic language of wine tasters.  Sentences riddled with adjectives describing how great a taste is a drink. Trying to hoodwink us that they can actually decipher the type of soil and the process that the fruit underwent to produce the masterpiece.

To me, it’s plain and simple. Is the sound angelic or croaked? With all honesty, the 1More triple drive sounds awesome for the price.  I have had the opportunity to review headphones that cost way above it but few can match its output value to price ratio.

The proof is in the listening of your favorite all time tunes.  Freddie Jackson’s, “Rock me tonight” does it for me any day any time.  Clear and crisp vocals.

To audition for the bass, I greatly recommended that you first get the right fit of the ear tip. Noise cancellation is key in getting the best out of this headphone. The song genre should also be put into consideration. Listening to the part where Michael McCray comes in the “End of the road,” you will acknowledge what a bass monster this headphone can be. The icing on the cake is that the audio doesn’t get distorted even at unadvisable listening sound levels.

Inside Information Worth Noting

The 1More triple driver sound does exhibit few defects. Nonetheless, I won’t consider them as deal breakers. This product comes with a 0 Ingress Protection Marking. That means avoid wet environs (sweat inclusive) when operating it.

The disgruntling over the lack of bass among verified purchases at Amazon can be rectified by finding the perfect ear tip fit.

Deal or No Deal?

I would recommend that you close the deal. The 1More triple drive craftsmanship matches it sound output quality. Throw in the plethora of add-ons at a cost of $149.99 from Amazon, and I find it hard to dismiss it. They are a real steal. I am yet to figure out where the company cut a corner (if at all it exists) to deliver great sounding headphones peppered with premium construction and luxurious packaging at the above-mentioned cost.

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