An Egyptian woman who usually weighs around 1,100 pounds is now on her way to a better life after losing a massive 650 pounds. The woman underwent weight loss surgery at an Indian hospital recently, but that’s not the end of her miraculous story, since more work is required.

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, 36, who heralds from Alexandria in Egypt, had not walked for 25-years while at her heaviest. Her doctor, Muffazal Lakdawala, wrote in a recent blog post that the procedure managed to bring her massive weight down to 450 pounds, a far cry from her previous weight of 1,100 pounds.

What’s next for Abd El Aty?

For now, she is recovering, however she must face procedures in the future to remove more weight and the excess skin leftover after the surgery. Years of not moving has also caused for abnormal bone structure, and as such doctors will need to fix this particular problem before she could ever walk properly again.

“Her bone structure is poor,” Lakdawala wrote, according to Reuters. “So many years of disuse have compounded the problem. She will need multiple surgeries to straighten her hips and knees.”


The Egyptian woman had a long journey to recovery

Abd El Aty’s medical team and her sister have argued several times over the course of her treatment. According to a report, the hospital made complaints about her sister, Selim, for failing to follow the advice provided by doctors. Apparently, Selim gave Abd El Aty water, a move that could have threatened her health.

The sister, on the other hand, went on to claim the doctors were overstating Abd El Aty’s weight loss, and that she was not able to move and was suffering from multiple seizures.

How was Abd El Aty brought to the Indian hospital?

Remarkably, a crane is said to have lifted Abd El Aty from her house, after which she was taken to the airport for a flight to India.

With the hard part of the procedure over and done with, Abd El Aty must now prepare to finish treatment back in the United Arab Emirates. To get here there, doctors had to fit the patient along with medical equipment on an air cargo.

Delay in her discharge

Before the patient was released from the Indian hospital, her stay was slightly extended due to miscommunication between that hospital and Burjeel Hospital in UAE.

Abd El Aty has a long way to go before she can return to being even close to full health. She may never walk again due to suffering a stroke, back in 2016, that left her paralyzed on one side of the body. However, she should have some function and the hope is that she will be able to live a life that has a significant element of independence.