First of all, for how long have you been an iPhone user? Did you know that you can actually erase individual digits on the calculator with a simple gesture? If the answer is “no” – don’t worry, it seems many others that had no idea either.

And by the way, if you did already know it, I’m sorry to say that you lost your five minutes of fame, ha!

The discoverer? Take a look at the tweet sent by @censoredialogue, the username of Jazz Johnson, a nineteen years old guy who made the Twitter world create quite a fuss some hours ago. However, as with many things online the information is of course not original – it can be spotted on the broad Internet seas: a 2014 post on Reddit.

The iPhone: A box of surprises!


Admittedly, this feature will not change our lives, but it’s still a nice trick to be aware of. Although there were a bunch of angry iPhone users who realized they had lost a lot of time over the years erasing the whole figure when they made a mistake, rather than the wrong entry.

How many other shortcuts are we ignoring? The fact that not all of the functions and possibilities of Apple products are announced is either exciting and frustrating. I guess it’s okay to let the users discover some features by themselves – not to mention it’s a brilliant marketing strategy – but people might not be exploiting the full potential of Apple devices.

The hidden treasure chest of knowledge: The Internet

So, there are two questions to raise following these recent events: why do we buy technology and what are we doing with it?

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Nowadays, there are people who can work magic. Someone already created a self-driving car, a smart bra which helps women detect cancer on time, and even smart tires that can parallel park your car for you.

I often have the feeling there’s too much-ignored information and content over the web just waiting for us to discover it. In fact, I must confess there’s no day I do not do a Google search. At the end of the journey, I’m always happy because 90 per cent of the time I find what I was looking for and I learned something new.

Nowadays, ignorance cannot be justified. When we buy technology, it is on us to make the most of it. There’s no excuse for those people wearing a smartwatch who when you ask them what time is go directly to their phone screens.

The Internet is like an open book, and we all have access to almost all of its pages, at least enough to dig some gold out of the cave, and perhaps even divide it. Because that’s what our Twitter friend just did: he took something useful from the web, and shared it!