An app developed by New York artist, Justin Brice Guariglia, and the development group, Strange Flavour, shows the effects climate change will have on your area by the year 2080.

After Ice utilizes public data from NASA and augmented reality to show viewers predictions of where the water level will be within the next sixty years.

New York City is the main geographical example used in After Ice due to the major amount of people in the city living near the coast. NASA Scientists believe that Wall Street will be covered with water by the 2080’s due to the 7 feet of predicted sea level increase.


The app also allows users to take screen shots of their current altitude and share them via social media to spread awareness about how climate change will impact the earth by 2080.

NASA recently reported that 2016 was the warmest year on record since temperatures started being tracked in 1880. Temperatures were up an average of 1.78 degrees across the world compared to the mid-twentieth century mean.

Each of the past three years have seen record high average temperatures and sixteen of the past seventeen years have been the warmest on record, according to NASA.

The continuously warming temperatures will cause an increase in water levels which could become destructive within the next half century.

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