At a time when we rely so much on technology, many of our gadgets need battery power to work. We all know batteries can get pretty costly over time, so a few questions remain: How do we know deal from dud? What battery can I get the most use from without spending too much? These Polaroid batteries distributed by Assortit seem to answer both of those.

Over the past few years, Polaroid – a company known for its expertise in all things photography – has jumped into the tech world with camera accessories, tablets, applications, and even TVs. Finally, the company has decided to also develop its own source of power as well.

What Sets Polaroid Batteries Apart?

What do you look for in a battery? You want it to be long-lasting? How about a longer storage life? Maybe you’re looking for something that is versatile for use with more products? Whatever your needs are, you may have to sacrifice one for another with most brands. That’s simply not the case with Polaroid’s Extreme Alkaline Batteries.

Long-Lasting Power

The battery’s power lasts much longer than other competitive brands, which is ideal for optimal use across a range of products. According to the product’s description, they are great for, “items such as wall clocks, radios, smoke detectors and remote controls.”


The Polaroid batteries are also good back-up batteries for “alarm clocks, emergency lights, and keyboards.” For best results, the batteries are recommended to be used in mid to low drain devices like these. After all, you want to get the most bang for your buck right?

Longer Shelf Life

If you’re like me, you tend to be a bit of a battery hoarder. I never know when I’m going to need a new pair of batteries for my remote or small lights that I keep around my apartment to save on electricity.

The issue with this is that by the time I get around to using the batteries I’ve bought in bulk, they are useless because their shelf life is only a few years (and yes, I have that many). The Polaroid batteries don’t have that problem. They have a shelf life of up to 7 years, so that you don’t have to worry if they’re going to work or not. No more guessing games!

No More Leaks

One of the worst things that could happen to a battery is leakage. It ruins not only the battery itself, but in many instances the device it’s in is also damaged beyond repair. Not to mention the danger of getting all over your own hands or clothes. What a mess!

The material that makes up the casing of these Polaroid batteries is enhanced with a zinc composition to prevent any leaks or build up of heat in any case of misuse.

More Options with More Sizes

The batteries come in different packages – either a 20-pack of “AA,” a 48-pack of “AAA,” or a mix of 24 “AA” and 12 “AAA” for more convenient ordering. Let’s face it, so many products use one or the other, so it’s best to have some handy when you need them.

What People Are Saying About Polaroid’s Extreme Alkaline Batteries

I can sit here and say all of these great things about these awesome batteries, but don’t take my word for it. One reviewer, an avid photographer, tested the Polaroid batteries to see how powerful they really are.

“I used [them] on my professional flash since it uses more power than anything else I have around the house. I did a photo shoot with flash set at 1/16 of power, 50 photos and it still tested 1.50v after,” he said.

“Camera flash will use lots of battery power and even continuously and I am so happy that these work like a charm because now I can get more for less.”

So whether you need them for your high-functioning camera flash system or just to use your TV remote without worrying about them dying out of nowhere, these Polaroid batteries are a great find for anyone.

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