Technology company, HSI Immersive, has unveiled its newest immersive technology: 3DLED. This brand new display technology is the world’s first fixed-screen 3D LED theater display. This new cinema screen offers unprecedented picture quality, HSI Immersive claims, “Because of its superior quality to any existing 3D technologies, this display gives 3D content the brightness, contrast, depth and reach that it deserves. It is unlike anything ever seen before.”

HSI will be debuting the screen in a series of demonstrations across the country. Their extensive schedule covers trade shows not only in the cinema industry.

HSI sees the display being valuable for theme parks, museums, trade show exhibits, experiential marketing and other industries as well. This travelling roadshow includes 6mm, 2.5mm, and 1.87mm pixel pitch 3D LED displays.

3DLED accommodates modern theater dimensions, but can also be smaller or larger depending on the usage. In addition to the incredible picture quality, the screen also exceeds the highly esteemed DCI Specifications used to ensure a uniform and high level of technical performance, reliability, and quality in digital cinema.


Far outperforming traditional projection-based systems, new 3DLED also boasts no 3D Vertigo Syndrome (nausea and headaches associated with projection 3D systems). The screen is specifically designed to be a healthy display and is much better for the brain health of children than other systems.

3DLED delivers 3D content with incredible brightness (nearly 10x greater than projection systems) with improved uniformity and free of optical distortion and interference. The high contrast and low tone greyscale settings enable the screen to deliver the highest in color purity, deepest of blacks, and whitest of whites.

3DLED is currently undergoing the DCI certification process. Learn more about the technology at

Emily Richards  

Haverford Systems | HSI Immersive


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