So you thought that Steve Jobs’ Apple was only focused on refining the iPhone to the nth power? Well, nothing is what it seems to be —At least under the command of Tim Cook!

Research firm Strategy Analytics recently published a report in which the figures put Apple as the world’s leading wearables company: 3.5 of the 22 million units that were globally distributed in the first three months of 2017 were shipped by the ‘bitten fruit’ company.

It has to be emphasized that not even giants like Rolex earn as much money as Apple with its watches. In this way, it would appear that, in only two years, the brand has crowned itself on a centenary industry.

What’s the fuss about Apple smartwatches?


In second place is the Chinese company Xiaomi, and then Fitbit. However, analysts are already noticing the growing interest in Apple Watch. To understand what’s happening with those wearables, let’s take a closer look at the background story and the advancements in the field.

The history of Apple Watch goes back to 2013 when Apple makes a job offer to Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s Vice President of Technology. It was a challenge that had to be faced to create a unique device since the iPhone were something surprising in its time. Nevertheless, he did accept the challenge.

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Of course, it must have been quite hard because it isn’t until 2014 that the first Apple Watch is officially announced. In fact, the legend states that the first versions were literally an iPhone attached to the wrist with a velcro, ha!

So, although, from the beginning it was made clear that it was not going to be one like those already available in stores, it was launched without remarkable success. In that year, though, the slow evolution of its features have let them surf the wave to snag the number one spot.

Seeking to reach different sectors of the population, the wearable is currently available in four editions: Apple Watch Series 1 and 2, Apple Watch Nike and Apple Watch Edition (The last one being the most expensive.)

I don’t have one yet, is it the best wearable for me?

Now, what are those famous features which place Apple first in the ranking? For starters, it’s the practical iOS software system followed by the heart rate sensor to monitor our physical activity, and Siri, the popular, friendly voice assistant companion among 3500 apps, all in a small screen attached to your wrist.

Nonetheless, I suggest thinking twice before getting one if you are an athlete. It has a sporting character, but it is not for people that do above average physical activity.

Although it does a good tracking of movements and leads to heart rate and calorie loss, someone who devotes much more time and passion to their favorite sport will surely demand more data and even greater accuracy.

Indeed, there are many third-party apps for your iPhone to monitor your break, but currently there aren’t any created by Apple for its Watch. Among other things, the battery is still a handicap —Not to mention the GPS function.

Reader: what are your favorite brands for smartwatches?

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