Apple’s product to have display

Home speakers, operating courtesy of artificial intelligence programs, from consumer product conglomerations will soon be the ‘in’ thing for consumer technology.

According to a report by Ming Chi Kuo, KGI securities analyst Apple is set to launch its particular version of a smart home speaker which will be an extension of the famous AI assistant Siri.

The report suggests Apple is going to place it as a premium product as compared to others within the market considering improved computing power and acoustics which will come along with a higher price tag.


Apple’s activity in the department is a good response to the moves made by competitors in cornering this market. The Siri home speaker is meant to take on Amazons, increasingly popular echo device that is powered by its own AI dubbed, Alexa.

Considering the success that Echo has had, there does not seem to be a particular way Apple is going to avoid the creation of a similar device especially if it wants to be known as one of the biggest smart home speaker players out there.

According to reports from tech leakers, the Siri home speaker is in the final stages of being designed. The new device may allegedly run according to a variant of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Allegedly, the product is going to look similar to the current Mac Pro. It may have mesh proportions which cover the speakers with a concave top where the controls are found. It may be possible to get a look at the device during the Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference that is going to be held during June 5 to 9.

Apple’s product to have display

Over the course of the weekend, Apple marketing Chief Phil Schiller had an interview with NDTV and Schiller took the chance to talk about the grouping. Schiller did not opt to discuss either Google Home or Amazon Echo directly claiming that he had nothing at all to say about them.

He however hinted that Apple’s Siri home speaker may have a display unlike Home and Echo. He continued highlighting the photography and games as well as other forms of content which did not lend themselves to a screen less device. It is quite hard to imagine a voice only game.

After all, it is worth stating that Amazon appears to be concentrating on an Echo product without a touchscreen judging the recent leaked renderings. As with a number of things concerning Apple, it is not possible to tell what is not known yet but the good news is that is not going to be the case for long.

Issues with premium pricing for Siri home speaker

When it comes to pricing, the flagship for Amazon costs $180 while Google Home is retailing at $129. There should be no doubt Apple is going to price the response to a premium so the price point could be at $200 or $250.

The challenge at this point is even though Apple almost perpetually comes in at the top of the market, Siri has been found to be underwhelming as compared to Google Assistant or Alexa.

Since the virtual assistant is quite critical to the user experience provided the voice activated nature within the category as it is harder for one to justify premium pricing.

Apple is also behind rivals when it comes to third party integrations and the search capabilities. Perhaps the objective for the firm is to integrate the Siri home speaker with other Apple products within the home and perform services such as announce text messages and calls or perform search and navigation.

However, these minor convenience may still not be enough against the thousands of Skills which Alexa has come to learn or Google Home’s ability to perform searches for the user.

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