Be careful what you wish for; it might come true: pack up your stuff, you have lunch for two with Apple’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook at it’s new home in Cupertino, California!

Prepare your wallets, as the front man of the largest tech company in the world has teamed up with Charitybuzz in this crowdfunding project for charity.

Apple CEO: auctioning his own time

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If something characterizes Apple, it’s the extraordinary but simple way at the same time they do things. Ideas, for example, like the fact their products don’t come up with instructions because they think they’re very easy to understand (but we all know it’s just a marketing strategy which invites us to discover them), have placed the company on top.


Tim Cook has opened a slot in his busy schedule to share a lunch at Apple Park, the new office complex of the brand in Cupertino, which should be close to being inaugurated.

The lucky guests must have at least $100,000 on his or her bank account since that’s the estimated value fixed for the auction, and the money goes neither for Apple nor Charitybuzz, but straight to the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization.

Face to face with Tim Cook: what would you say?

If I could share a table with one of the top business leaders on Earth, I probably would ask for a lot of advice and talk about diverse serious topics, covering from theory to practice a bunch of subjects like technology, business, and lifestyle.

However, as I know I cannot bid for being the lucky one, let me go with a funny, ridiculous hypothetical question: what was that “?” tweet about, Mr. @tim_cook?

Tweet Tim Cook

As if that weren’t enough to ensue constant intrigue about what Apple and its head have to say to the world, that smiley emoji appeared for some minutes a few days ago on his Twitter account to augment the mysterious atmosphere that surrounds the company overall.

Of course, the Internet reactions immediately followed. Thereby, here goes some of the best theories that circle over the web.

Hacked Tim Cook

If you follow Tim Cook on Twitter, you know that the official account of the Apple CEO is quite serious, and he has never used it as a more personal profile. In fact, he has almost never used his account to make personal reflections, focusing primarily on news and events related to the Apple world.

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That is why from certain sectors of the network it has been interpreted as an attack on the account. Nevertheless, the damage that could have been caused by hacking, for both Cook and Apple, was simply null – unless that was the intention. 

Is Tim Cook just testing us?

Generally, the Apple CEO uses the Twitter application for iOS or the browser interface to write and publish his tweets, but this time the message was sent from another app owned by Twitter (which no one has heard from in a few years), Cloudhopper.

Being the head of any company means a huge responsibility, but being the man in charge of Apple is much bigger than that. This translates into nonstop brainstorming, testing, and innovation. Was it sent from the next iPhone? Has he a new groundbreaking idea that makes him feel happy and nothing like an emoji to demonstrate its joy? Nobody knows.

Millionaire Tim Cook

The message could be an ironic answer for Wall Street or other research firms. Recently, the numbers look increasingly better for the company, which no doubt means a cheerful CEO. In fact, a few days ago, it was announced that Apple became the world’s largest wearable watchmaker over giants like Rolex.

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Reader: what would you talk about if you could share a lunch with one of the top businessmen on the planet? Go on and bid, you have until May 16!