Beddit and Sleep Tracking

Apple has been trying to improve sleep tracking abilities placing emphasis on the applicability for their Apple Watch Smart watch. A number of reports and patents have suggested within this scheme that the firm is looking to help users improve on their sleep by creating built in sleep tracking attributes into its various devices.

In this regard, Apple acquired Beddit, a firm which is based on a sleep monitoring device and companion Watch and iOS applications. As such, there has been some contention over what this means for Beddit’s products.

They still exist for the time being with the difference being the client is subject to Apple’s privacy policy instead of that of Beddit3. Beddit4, though, has retained the customer support contact on its website which suggests the customer experience is not going to change as much with the new acquisition.

Beddit5 and sleep tracking


Sleep tracking, as a field, is one of the areas the Apple Watch falls short as compared to other activity trackers. One can get third party applications which give some functionality, though, this is not nearly as slick as having software built in or having sleep oriented type of hardware.

If this was the objective for Apple, then one buy the Watch knowing that it would cover health tracking at every hour of the day and there would not be a need to stick to a fitness band in order to improve the user’s rest. It is easy to picture its tech options assisting with other devices as the user may also get detailed sleep information from the iOS health application.

The platform is currently one of the more popular sleep trackers within the app store. If it is paired by a device, then it is able to track the quality of sleep for the user. This entails their number of breaths they take per minute and their heart rate during slumber.

It is also able to keep track of snoring and tells the user whether the environment they are currently in is ideal for resting. It comes up with an analysis of this information and provides actionable information which in turn improves the sleep of the user.

Apple angling for Health and Fitness wearable sector

Apple seems to want to position the Apple Watch as the foremost fitness and health wearable device and has been looking to bundle more health features into the device lately.Adding Beddit6’s app functionalities to the mix is going to assist Apple to deliver more sleep data for the users so they can act on it.

The derived sleep features within Beddit7 are not likely to come in the watchOS 4 or even the third generation watch. If they have sleep tracking features in the first place, it is probably going to be within Apple’s in house tech.

Though, at least it shows, Apple’s commitment to the subject. There are a few kinks that Apple has to deal with before the Watch becomes viable as an ideal sleep tracking device though but there could come a time when users feel comfortable leaving it on when they want to rest.

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