May has arrived. With it, and the beautiful landscape of the flourishing spring, one of the most special days for worldwide calendars is: Mother’s day!

What a responsibility, though. Year after year, it seems like it gets harder to know what to give to that favorite woman in your life. A perfect present that certainly must be super special, but you don’t want it to take you to financial bankruptcy either way.

There’s no mother like your own.So relax, keep on reading because, this year, technology might be in your favor.

Spoiler Alert: your mom is not ready for Apple HomeKit

So there’s no need to be a modern tech-geek to know that it might be offensive to give any kind of home or kitchen appliance as a gift to a woman unless she’s a passionate chef or a homemaker. In this way, this is just in case you thought on Apple HomeKit products: that could be a headache for you and your beloved mother.


Apple home devices might result in interesting new techie toys for your own place, provided, that you keep in mind it currently offers limited functionality, slow-to-market options, and you practically get married with the brand because they offer no real benefits for non-Apple users.

On the other hand, it’s a fact that technology is advancing at a pace that even our grandmothers are getting connected. However, they still ask us for help as if we were professionals at the subject, but we all know we’re just adventurous and curious users that enjoy discovering what the Internet and today’s gadgets have to offer.

That being said, give away Apple would be pretty expensive, and at the end, your grandma and your mom will always end up calling you, because let’s face it, they won’t put the trust they have on you over a voice assistant like Siri, ha!

All you need for mother’s day is this app and $ 2

Honestly, what matter is to see that really big smile on our mom’s faces, and with this excellent idea of a gift, you might be even bringing back the refrigerator art in a geeky, fashioned way.

So since e-cards are too mainstream, and our artsy skills to create a real postcard did expire after pre-school, this augmented reality-based app helps you to make this 2k17 mother’s day pretty special with a groundbreaking smart card.

Resultado de imagen para XO cards augmented

All you need is to download the ‘XO Cards‘ free app, then pay $ 2 for a real codified card that will be delivered to your mummy, and finally put a video message she will be able to see through her smartphone camera on the app, following a futuristic, augmented reality style.

If you are kind of a skeptic like me about how good are the results with those augmented reality applications, just download the ‘XO Cards’ app on your iOS or Android and give it a try with the sample below.

Currently, you can only create the card message from an iPhone, though, the feature for Android users is already in the oven.

Sometimes it’s nice to open up your snail mailbox and receive something besides adverts, bills, and junk mail, don’t you think? What would your mother say? I bet she’ll love it. The smart cards are a neat and cheap idea for those of us who still like to mail out actual correspondence and mix up the modern and the classical traditions.

P. S.: Happy mother’s day! I love you, mom.