I am a hoarder of bikes. That’s probably not something to brag about, but it’s the truth. My garage is like a museum of road bikes, mountain bikes, an electric bike, recumbents, trikes, and even a couple of hand cycles so my arms don’t feel left out of my obsession.

electric bikeBetween them all, I have everything I need for a gentle stroll around town, zooming through the back country roads, or tackling the local Colorado mountain trails.

Yet, none of them do everything. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for the N 1 bike: that “final” bike that will complete the collection. This bike would be a jack of all trades; something easy to get out, hop on, and just ride wherever I desire.

Dragging along all my digital toys and gear would be nice too. It’s the 21st century, there is no reason I shouldn’t expect my bike to hook up to the Internet of Things to share all the most information I have in my life.


Recently, I came across a new e-bike from Hammond E-Bike Technologies that just might fit the bill.

The Typical Biking Experience

In case you couldn’t tell from the description of my garage, being an avid biker takes space and money. Even if you just ride around town or in the city, you might find yourself spending some extra money on a couple of different bikes to conquer distance or bad weather.

Most cyclists like to be prepared for a variety of circumstances. Some will require different types of bikes like road or mountain bikes to ride on different kinds of terrain. Others will prefer different types of material that may be lighter, stronger, or more long-lasting than others.

electric bike

Since no bike can do it all, most cyclists will have at least a few different options in their arsenal. This isn’t even including all the different accessories and devices cyclists have to choose from.

For example, if I want to ride with a bike computer, heart monitor, and speed sensor, I’m going to spend time and money getting each bike situated with the appropriate devices. Before each bike ride, I’ll have to make sure my sensors and computer are all charged so I’m not left with any duds.

The world of bike technology is exciting but can be expensive and time-consuming. The Internet of Things promises to change all this, and Hammond Ebike Technologies seems to be at the forefront.

Biking Tech & IoT

In recent years, there has been an explosion of new bike technology that is designed to gather, record, and display important information like speed, heart rate, elevation, tire pressure, and really anything else you can think of related to biking.

Many cyclists like to have this information accessible during the ride and after. Some even use this important data to train and improve.

Right now, the technology landscape is spread out over many different companies and devices. Even the way these devices talk to each other can vary from Bluetooth to ANT .

In order to have an electric bike that does it all, you’ll most likely have to shop around for various different computers and sensors from different companies.

Hammond is one of the first companies focused on bringing all this tech together in an easily accessible package.

Hammond’s Electric Bike Vision

Started in 2015, the founders of Hammond E-Bike Technologies quickly realized that there was a need for a new kind of smart bicycle. Originally, they began with electric scooters but quickly moved to the more promising field of electric bicycles to stay up on changing trends.

Electric bicycles have become popular in recent years due to their convenience, speed, and reliability. Many people use electric motors on their bikes to overcome physical disabilities, make riding easier, or to provide an extra boost to extend the range of their cycling experience.

Hammond is unique among most bike manufacturers in realizing that there is a need for smart technology. While it’s possible to include normal computers and sensors on any bike, you’ll be hard pressed to find an option that contains all the most useful and convenient tech in one spot.

This is what they are changing with their three electric bike models. Not only do they provide important information like biometrics, speed, GPS location, navigation, and anything else you find on a smartphone short of the ability to call someone, but they have created a convenient bicycle for riders.

Their bikes fold into a custom bag, which is great for travel or storage. Compared to other manufacturers like Brompton and Dahon, these bikes unfold into full-sized frames equipped with 26 inch or 27 inch wheels and full suspension.

Since everything is integrated technology-wise, this kind of bike could realistically be your main or only source of transportation. It’s capable of handling off-road and on road equally well while keeping you hooked up to all the sensors and data that you may want.

Looking To The Future

I’m excited to see where Hammond takes their platform as they integrate their bikes into the expanding world of IoT. Unfortunately, I will have to wait a little bit before I can actually get my hands on one to add to my collection.

They have just recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to secure enough funds to begin manufacturing.

If you are interested in checking out what they have to offer or even purchasing one, check out their campaign website.

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