Are you engaged and getting married this summer? Are you getting your Pinterest board ready and putting together your color schemes; what you want your bridesmaids to wear, trying to decide what kind of cake you want and how to manage everything that goes along with one of the most important days of your life?

Well, we all know that you will want to capture the best moments on this big day. The last thing you need is to stress about what program you want to display your photo memories on and how you’re going to share those moments with everyone.

Of course, there is Facebook and Instagram, but the issue here is that your photos become so unorganized on one long feed that it’s so easy to miss some of them.


There are also many wedding photo apps out there; including Wedding Snap, Wed Pics, Wed Social, etc. Wedbox, however, is a dedicated app to share your wedding photos easily. What we love so much about this one is just how simple it is to use! You are ready to go after creating an account.

This is an amazing app that helps you to store, categorize and share your photos to those you invite. The designers of the program have made this platform so smooth and easy to use. We were thoroughly impressed with how well this app was put together!

Getting married is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us and we would all like to be immortalized on our big day in a way that is easy to share with friends, family, and loved ones.

How easy is Wedbox to use?

It’s easy to set up and use and it will definitely make you look like you’re on top of your game, even though we all know you are seriously stressed out behind the scenes and worrying about how you’re going to nail down the logistics of your big day.

The app has a simple invite page with a variety of methods in which you can invite your friends and family. The developers gave a Facebook invite option, email, and SMS. Once your guest receives an invite, they can simply join and add their photos. They can add photos as they capture them during your wedding!

Why Wedbox?

The app automatically categorizes everything and can be translated into 18 different languages for all of your international guests as well.

The best thing about it the app is the fact it’s totally free to download and it doesn’t require you to do any extra work to explain to your guests on how to use it. The layout is simple and intuitive.

The only cost associated with the app is for extended features and the ability to host your high-quality pictures for downloads so that they can be reproduced.

Hosting high-quality pictures will allow you to create beautiful reprints that are worth every penny and cost a lot less than a professional photographer. This app can easily replace the need for a photographer altogether, especially if you are on a budget.

Capturing your guest’s perspective

This dedicated photo app allows you to collect photos from your guests before, during, and after the wedding so that you can capture all of the relevant and small, important details you want to remember on your big day.

Another huge plus with Wedbox is that it is 100% private and allows you to keep things simple since it is dedicated just for pictures and videos. Only people you invite to your account can see the photos, keeping those precious moments between you and your guests.

Try it for yourself. There are two options. You can set Wedbox up as the host or as a guest.  It will then allow you to access or contribute photos that can be shared with everyone.

See our review video for more info and a quick walk-through that shows how I set-up the application, as a bride to be myself.

Points of Contention

We have not found a single complaint about the ease of use of the Wedbox application. The only complaint that seems to arise is the fact that the app does crash sometimes.

Although Wedbox has received many compliments on the quality of the app, some users have stated that it “freezes and shuts down” at times. This is something that can be easily fixed with a software update.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a really great wedding photo app that seems to do it all while keeping things simple. It’s easy to set up, easy for your guests to use, and most importantly, keeps your photos organized and safe in one spot.

We love the beautiful interface and the fact you can just download all of your photos whenever you want. The majority of users seem to be happy with it as well. Just a great, well-rounded wedding photo app.

Check out Wedbox here:

*This is a sponsored post created for Wedbox. All opinions are 100% ours.