There’s no doubt that one of the most appealing skills of Apple iPhones has always been their cameras. In fact, they have evolved so much that even the company itself seems to be starting to enjoy the feature like never before.

Nowadays, it’s not strange to take a walk around the charming city of Paris or the busy town of New York and then realize there are real ads made up photos taken on the iPhone 7 everywhere. It’s like Tim Cook asking us who needs a professional camera when you can have it all in one Apple smartphone?

Shot on iPhone 7

Nevertheless, whoever consider himself an Apple consumer knows the struggle: buying anything from the store and then five minutes later remark there was a new update of the product — for exaggerating it, ha!


The upcoming launch of the iPhone 8 is driving the crowds crazy and dreaming about features like a dual selfie camera, 3D takes, and some other speculations stirred by rumors. However, right now the company wants you to take your time and enjoy the present through the iPhone 7 rear lens.

Why are iPhone 7 cameras so good?

Indeed, contrary to the Apple tradition, a few hours ago they introduced this practical set of 16 short how-to-kind videos on how to take the most of both iPhone 7 cameras. These videos show us that someone within the company was having a good time, and it was way too good not to share with everyone.

Have you ever taken a picture from an iPhone 7? The first time I did, I felt that all I ever needed to take perfect shots was that smartphone itself. To be honest, I have felt this way since the iPhone 4, and it’s only gotten better with each new model.

Checking over the iPhone specifications, it isn’t until its latest model that the rear camera upgraded from 8 to 12 megapixels. This made me wonder: where’s the magic in Apple’s phone cameras? Dispelling the megapixel myth that “less is more.”

It is wrong to think that the more megapixels your sensor has, the better your image will be. It’s all actually about the balance between hardware and software, a field where Apple have been conquering superior results, that make the tool easy for rookies and powerful for professionals at the same time.

In a nutshell, Apple’s camera hardware has not always necessarily been the best, but they execute their software really well. The techies at Apple have revealed the iPhone 7’s camera tricks in small less-than-a-minute doses, which may be useful for other iPhone generations too. Enjoy!

The immortal Apple iPhone

How long will Apple produce iPhones? It seems the smartphone family tree won’t stop growing. With the next heir to the throne coming, this out-of-the-ordinary launch of tutorials could also have a secret message as we begin to expect even better features on the next model. The price of the next one could be so high that you better get the penultimate version.

Ten years of the iPhone have had quite an influence over global societies. If we have learned anything, it’s that Apple wants to be there with us every step of the way – including helping us take some of the coolest pictures ever.