As we gear up for the unveiling of the next model of Apple’s flagship smartphone, many rumors have circulated in regards to design, features, software capabilities, and more. One rumor that seems to be sticking is the speculation that the iPhone 8 will be the most expensive model to date.

Many report say that the upcoming device will cost as much as $1,000 – and that’s for the base model. As we all know, the smaller the storage, the cheaper the phone. This also means if the iPhone 8 comes in two (or three) different sizes, the larger the phone is the higher the price will go.

What features could we expect from a $1K iPhone 8?

I’ll admit, even though these are just rumors for now, the thought of paying over a grand for a smartphone sounds utterly outrageous. That’s not to say I wouldn’t consider paying that amount if the device offers features that I deem worthy of my hard-earned cash.


It’s speculated that the design of the new iPhone will have less of a bezel around the sides to make room for a larger screen, virtualized buttons – much like the home button on the iPhone 7/7 Plus that gives vibrating feedback rather than an actual ‘click,’ and a tougher glass over the phone’s screen. This could mean that rather than making two separate models, Apple would make one model with the larger screen size and smaller body.

Other rumors say that the iPhone 8 will give us a flashback to the original iPhone from a decade ago with a similar back, yet made of all glass.

As far as features go, we could also see a change with the Touch ID sensor. According to a report from iMore, Apple wants to put the sensor below the display, but keep it on the front of the phone. This is in contrast to other speculations that the sensor would be moved to the back of the device. Wait, like Android? Exactly.

Of course we can expect minor upgrades to the camera, display resolution, and other details that come along with every new iPhone as well.

Keep in mind though, this is the tenth anniversary of Apple’s flagship device. That means anything is possible and we could see major upgraded features that have been in the works for years and would never be expected. Apple is sneaky, as we all know, and you have to brace yourself for the unexpected to occur whenever they are releasing a new product.

Would consumers pay that much for an Apple product?

Absolutely. The Apple iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world – trumping any Samsung device, Google-designed smartphones, etc. The company has worked for decades on getting a loyal customer base, and they’ve succeeded far beyond any expectations – even their own.

If consumers are willing to pay over $1,200 for a new MacBook, then they will surely be willing to spend $1,000 on the iPhone 8 – especially considering the possible upgrades the device could potentially have, the ability to lease from certain cell phone providers, and Apple’s own iPhone financing program.

Right now I think we should just sit back and relax while these rumor continue to swirl. While it may sound like a crazy concept for Apple to release such an expensive smartphone, you never know what the company is truly planning until the day comes to release it.

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