Voice Automated Siri Learns

We’ve already discussed how Cell Phones have evolved into “Remote Controls for Futuristic Automated Environments.”

We’ve also taken several different looks at how the Internet of Things devices have sparked a new wave of technology that has already changed the way we function on a day to day basis.

With the advent of automated home security systems, stylish wearables, multi-colored lighting systems, and even the growing ability to program BLE devices using intermediate programming apps directly from your smartphone, our environments are already beginning to take shape to potentially become fully autonomous.

Amazon’s Echo, Look, Ups the Ante


Jeff Bezos has invested a significant amount of capital in Amazon’s Echo line for the production of new devices capable of holding their ground in a competitive market.

He is using a portion of this investment to encourage 3rd party developers to develop a significant amount of “Skills” or voice automated commands.

Amazon is also launching the Amazon Echo Look, which is being marketed with the capabilities of a personal assistant. It is a device that can not only hear you but can also see you.

Apple Acquires Lattice Data for Potential Improvements to Voice Activated AI

One of the most interesting apple rumors has just surfaced. It involves two very important pieces of information. It has been confirmed that Apple recently acquired Lattice Data for $200 million.

It is believed that they bought Lattice Data to improve their overall AI for the purpose of making improvements to Siri that gives this voice automated control the ability to handle a larger range of commands.

Lattice Data Makes Sense of Unstructured “Dark” Data

Dark Data AI Apple

This is a speculation that comes from a reliable source that claims that Lattice had been talking to other tech companies about enhancing their voice automated AI systems.

The fact that Lattice is a company that focuses on making use of machine-learning to decipher and make use of “dark data,” a term that we will all be familiar with soon enough, or unstructured data such as text messages or images to overall improve search capabilities for Apple’s voice recognition software.

Apple May Prepare to Launch First Ever Siri-Based Voice Controlled Speaker

It is also being said that this rumor supports the notion that Apple may also be preparing to launch their own Siri-based speaker.

It would make sense that Apple would need some type of voice automated AI hardware to compete against both Amazon and Google’s automated voice controlled speakers for the home.

Right now Siri connects to Apple’s Home Kit, but it would make sense that Apple would manufacture a dedicated speaker, similar to voice automated competitors, that integrates seamlessly with the Apple Home Kit, without an iPhone.

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