Nikola Tesla would be a very proud man. His principle of conducting electricity by capacitive and inductive coupling is finally making headway in smartphone chargers. The iSmartech multiple USB charges with a wireless charging pad and is a step ahead of its peers.

Don’t get too excited as it’s not yet entirely wireless as envisioned by Nikola. Sockets and wall outlets are still very much alive. Nevertheless, a simple docking pad without the necessary plugin would get your phone a full charge.

 A Word of Caution

Just before we take a look at the iSmartech multiple USB Charger, it will be wise for you to ensure your phone is enabled to support wireless charging before spending a dime on this charger. Sure enough, don’t get a feature phone and expect it’s all system go wireless.

An Overview of iSmartech Multiple USB Charger

For starters, I think it was a wise choice of brand name. True to the meaning of its trade name, the iSmartech Multiple USB Charger subtly summarizes its functionality. Honestly speaking I am not sure what the “i” stands for. However, my gut feeling tells me it must have a similar inspiration background story as that of the “i” in Apple’s brand.


A sense of self-control is insinuated by the word Smartech. Indeed the charger features a Qi Technology. Pronounced as Chee borrowed from the Chinese language. Qi technology is the driver behind the wireless charging, technically called resonant inductive coupling.

The iSmartech charger features 3 port USB charger hence the name multiple USB chargers. This four in one charging device (three USB plus the wireless charging) will set you back at its current price of $21.99 at Amazon promising to support a wide range of handsets that are Qi-enabled.

Product specifications

  • Three USB port with each featuring a maximum output of 2.1 A.
  • Qi technology: the driving force of the wireless charging. Qi enabled devices, such as the Apple iPad Air and the Samsung Galaxy S7, will automatically be charged when placed on the wireless charging station. The inbuilt smart technology allows for auto adjustment of output current to suit the handset on the wireless charging station.
  • Bears different marks of quality standards: stretching from FCC mark that signifies conformity with the set electromagnetic interference to the European product certification mark to the restriction of hazardous substances certification. All these are a clear statement the charger safety profile.

You can rest easy as you charge your device as the iSmartech will protect your device from overvoltage and current flow. This simply means you will get a longer battery and device lifespan.

  • A traction charging surface that will ensure your handset doesn’t slip off from the wireless charging station.
  • Featherweight device: weighing a paltry 10.4 ounces with dimensions measurements of 7.6 by 6.1 by 1.8 this charging device is perfectly designed for ease of Carry it along in your backpack or purse. Phone batteries have a habit of running out when you are in dire need to use your phone. 

What makes me smitten by the iSmartech wireless and multi-USB charger.

Talk of time wasted in untangling power cables. That is if you are lucky to pinpoint the place you left the cable from the last point of use. Misplacement of power cables is not a strange occurrence among handset owners.

It’s at such desperate times that I am forever indebted to the iSmartech wireless charger. I simply place my Samsung on the charging station and the rest is history.

Best of both worlds- wireless and wire technology

Freedom of choice is a cardinal human right. I am glad that DAFQO, the brains behind the iSmartech charger doesn’t rob that from me. Wireless or wired charging? It’s your choice.

If you are the more inclined to the conventional cable charging, you have three ports to do so. The jewel in the iSmartech charger crown being that you can do it all simultaneously. That is charge four devices at ago.

The not so good about iSmartech charger

Like any other wireless charging technology, the charging process is slow. I guess it’s a technology still at infancy stage.

The distance of electric conduction being restricted to under 5mm. a pretty tight margin which if missed you won’t be in a position to explore the wireless technology.  The docking port on the charger wouldn’t work with the wireless charging property a clear testament of the distance limitation. Little wonder the phone has to rest on the wireless charging pad.

A receiver card is a necessity to charge iOS devices. An extra expense which isn’t cool!

Deal or no deal?

The iSmartech multiple USB chargers with wireless charging technology is a decent gadget to add to your collection. Anything that gives you options to current technology trend is always a plus. However, compared with similar wireless charging technology, it’s a little overpriced.

But just as they say, price is what you pay and value is what you get, I will stick with the iSmartech charger. It has served me well and delivered on its promise. For $211.99 from Amazon, you can add this Qi enabled charger with multiple USB-ports to your collection and kiss goodbye troubles associated with misplaced and tangled cables.

*This is a sponsored post written for iSmartech by TechDigg. All opinions expressed are 100% ours.