When I am working, it often takes a lot for me to stay focused and get things done from beginning to end. Part of this is largely due to if any little distraction arises, I am not able to maintain the same steady pace once I return to whatever project I’m working on.

While many of us can keep our focus no matter what is going on around us, sometimes something as small as a coworker asking a question can decrease office productivity by a lot.

There’s now a solution that could change the entire atmosphere around how productive your office can be. In modern times it’s very popular to work in an open office setting, which means less walls, more open communication, and more distractions.

Luxafor is a simple notification light that lets your coworkers know when they can and can’t approach you with conversation, questions, and more. It works the same way as a traffic light would – red means “stop, don’t bother me,” while green means “feel free to approach me while I’m not busy.”


Lack of productivity is an epidemic Luxafor is the cure

I know I’m not alone when it comes to worrying about my productivity, as the founders of Luxafor cite this as the reason they came up with such an awesome gadget. When we asked Greynut, the company that owns Luxafor, about how the idea arose, their response was pretty relatable.

“A while ago when we were working in an open office ourselves, we noticed we were constantly bothering each other with smaller questions, which in turn made us less productive,” they told TechDigg. After becoming frustrated with one another and seeing a fall in overall productivity, two of the workers decided they, “needed some indication of when they could talk and when they shouldn’t disturb each other.”

There are currently three different Luxafor models, although only one is on the market. The most popular, and the only available model is the Luxafor Flag, which attaches to your computer to signal when you are available.

One other model is the Luxafor Mini, which simply plugs into a USB port on your computer to perform the same function. And finally there’s the Luxafor Bluetooth, which attaches to a wall or other surface and gives off the signal using a Bluetooth connection in lieu of any wires.

The Luxafor Mini is still in the works, while the company has confirmed with TechDigg that the Luxafor Bluetooth is in its final development stages and will be available this summer.

How it works

Luxafor, which derives from the word luksofors and literally means “traffic light” in Latvian, is a small light that connects to your computer for all to see. The developers have made the entire process as easy as 1, 2, 3.

First you download the Luxafor software, which is available for either Windows or Mac. The software has been thoroughly tested, is safe for your computer, and only take a few seconds to download. Next you install the software, which is quick and easy to do. After you’ve installed the software, you can connect and set up your new Luxafor notification light.










With the latest update to Luxafor’s software, you now have the ability to choose from more colors! In addition to the solid colors already offered by the software, you can also customize your very own shade of any color using the gradient scale.

There is also a timer setting that allows you to set certain ranges of time as unavailable or free, depending on your schedule. So you don’t always have to set your Luxafor to reflect how busy you are in the moment, you can instead set specific times for the device to switch over on its own.

What’s next for Greynut and Luxafor?

Luxafor is constantly updating its users and fans on any news through the product’s blog, which you can check out here. Greynut has shared with us that the company is looking to add more products to their already innovative line. According to a spokesperson, “Greynut is testing and implementing electro engineering ideas – everything from LED lamps and balloons to bike locks and cat toys.”

Luxafor has also shared some of the biggest productivity issues their clients face, which include problems focusing due to noise. Could there be some noise-canceling headphones in the near future? Check out Luxafor’s website for more information and to stay updated.

Be sure to grab a Luxafor while you’re there, and don’t forget to get one as a gift for a coworker too!