According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, eight deaths with over 1000 injuries are reported daily in the United states attributed to distractive driving. Use of cell phones behind the wheel being reported as the number one culprit.The Navdy, an augmented reality GPS navigation system aims to tame the tide.

Touted as the epitome of navigation devices, the Navdy features a monitor that projects large clear transparent images so that when you are behind the wheel, you need not take your eyes off the road to answer incoming calls or respond back to texts. It’s all about hand gestures, motions and voice commands, while you keep your eyes fixated where the rubber meets the road: safe driving.

The making of Navdy

In 2013, Navdy navigation system made a distractive innovation that was to repackage your driving experience using technology. After close to three decades of dilly-dallying by automobile makers, Navdy broke the ground. It provided the first cost effective head-up display that works in tandem with your cell phone to project information on a 1.5-inch monitor on the dashboard.

Getting the jet fighter experience

The heads-up display technology is borrowed right from the jet fighters will set you a back $499.99 to turn your old rickety vehicle to a fighter jet experience, only as far as overhead display is concerned.


Before you exclaim over the price, think of the fatalities attributed to distractive driving. On second look at the price, that should look like a bargain. Safety, quality and a new level of driving experience all wrapped in one.

Already the product as proved its worth. bagging awards at will. the latest accolade being the CES 2017 Innovation Award for Vehicle Intelligence.

Product specifications

  • Driven by Google Maps. It is virtually impossible to get lost when in the company of the Navdy. The wireless connection with your phone will give you a rapid access to destinations, and contacts as well as commonly used applications. What’s more is that Google Maps has a memory ability for previously used routes hence an easier navigation familiarity.
  • Featherweight: weighing a paltry 8 ounce you can rest easy that no breakages are bound to happen on the windscreen or dashboard in case you hit speed hump.
  • A dimension of 5.1 inches long by 5.5 inches wide by 3 inches high presents you with the perfect dashboard addition that doesn’t defeat the purpose of road safety: visual obstruction.
  • Sensitivity and response to hand gesture motions. There is no more reason to struggling reading emails, notifications or even answering phone calls while trying to maintain a focus on the road ahead. The Navdy allows you as the driver to answer phone calls and respond to messages just by the wave of a hand.
  • Compatibility with the OBD II port: communication with the ongoing of your car statuses such as gasoline levels and speed is possible.

Selling points of the Navdy augmented reality GPS navigation system.

The customization of the interior components of your car is a key selling point. The Navdy performs beyond the normal dashboard capabilities by showing you crucial information about your entire driving experience. The device captures important information such as the fuel range, the speed limit as well as the mileage covered in a given time parameter among others.

The Navdy is also much more of a personal assistant coupling up with a navigation system. Through the components of other virtual assistants such as Siri, the Navdy has syncing capacities. This means that key dates or events are captured and displayed as reminders. Never again should you miss out on that important meeting or celebrating that life milestone.

Potential deal breaker

You may miss out on some of the functionalities of Navdy if you own a pre-1996 automobile. Vehicles that were manufactured back then were not required by the US Federal Law to incorporate on-board diagnostics. Without this mini-computer device on board, Navdy stands no chance to communicate some of the vehicle vital statistics. mileage and speed being cases in point.

Parting Shot

The message resonates in all vehicles and road safety campaign messages. Distractive driving contributes significantly to road carnages. It will be foolhardy to ignore the solution presented by Nardy.

At the cost of $499.99 at Amazon, you will no longer need to take your eyes off the road to answer a call or keep tabs with what is happening with your phone. All thanks to Navdy, an augmented driving device that projects your cell phone information and other vital car statistics directly on your line of sight as you drive.

Don’t let the text message that you sent while driving be your last. A Navdy to the wise is sufficient.

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