I’m not a huge fan of rumors because I don’t like reading about some exciting news that might end up being fake, and therefore, disappointing. However, when it comes to Siri, it’s hard to contain myself.

So when I knew Apple could present its own smart speaker shortly I felt intrigued about the subject. Not only because virtual assistants are representing a major shift in our lifestyles, but because while Amazon Echo and Google Home both have incredible features, there are lot of things Siri could offer to improve over those invisible companions.

Apple ‘Siri Speaker’: what to expect?

Now, considering the good reputation of the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo when it comes to rumors about the ‘bitten apple’ company, let’s talk about the next Siri-based smart Apple speaker according to his latest statements to MacRumors.

Siri’s appearance

Although the rumored speaker will have a “Mac Pro-like” concave design, its exterior is one of the most unresolved and intriguing issues. Since this will be officially the first body shape the female virtual assistant acquires.


In fact, the mystery lies in if Siri will have some sort of touchscreen or not. It’s still unclear, because the report states it will include a “touch panel,” which could mean from a small touch bar to an app controlled from an iPhone or Apple Watch for the visionaries. Nobody knows, but even then she’ll be touchable.

Siri’s voice

Do you remember Scarlett Johansson’s voice starring as a smart assistant in that movie where the guy inevitably fell in love with her? That’s probably what Apple is looking for when adding some Hi-Fi sound technology. The audio will definitely be one of the speaker’s strengths, which should make competitors tremble since, unlike many of them, Siri is already multilingual itself.

Indeed, one major important aspect of the product is going to be Siri itself, where Apple will probably shine as usual: their high point is often the software. Don’t be surprised if it suddenly feels like Siri went to college and got her degree.

Siri’s nickname

Well, of course, Siri won’t change its identity, but as a matter of marketing Apple enjoys baptizing their products with a catchy, funny label. Will the company put the classical “i” vowel at the beginning of the word to name the speaker iSiri? Many ideas come to mind: Smart Siri, Siri Speaker… How would you love to call it? There are no clues about it, though.

Why you would to have a smart speaker

The revolution of smart virtual assistants and how they are invading private life is pretty bizarre, actually. Sometimes, it seems like we buy technology not only to simplify our daily tasks but to get a companion who we’re sure won’t become too annoying like a real person in a real-life scenario. And if it does, it’s just as easy to turn it off.

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Are we going too far with voice assistants? I’m no one to judge, and I don’t mean to be alarmist either, but isn’t it starting to be confusing when Siri or Alexa can talk with you even about your personal affairs? What about the hidden ability they are developing of having a conversation between them? Yes, it’s happening! Check out this strange but funny video below.

That’s it! By saying “Echo, start small talk,” Alexa begins a conversation by herself. Nice trick, huh? It would be nice if Apple include the ability to speak between voice assistants among the skills of its smart speaker, as other rumors state.

Nevertheless, the crucial thing I want you to be aware of is where technology is leading us. A voice assistant could save our lives. In fact, that’s the story of Christopher Beaucher, a man in New Hampshire who was injured in a house explosion and assures he could not have survived if it weren’t for Siri.

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Finally, we have to be patient to Apple surprises. With what we know so far, which one attracts you the most: the Apple next Speaker, the Amazon Echo or the Google Home?