There’s days when exhaustion will have the best of you. Making a seamless task, such as grabbing and changing a TV channel a herculean task. For the young and energetic persons, this sounds farfetched. To the elderly the nightmare is real.

Fidgeting and scrolling through illegible words and letters on the conventional television remotes by the elderly is a despicable experience to witness. It’s even more frustrating to ask of them to control multiple remotes for each electronic media.

If you can relate to the above situation, worry no more. With the invention of the bright Flipper remote control, it’s only a matter of time for you to regain control of what you want to watch.

The Flipper universal remote will definitely provide a tremendous solution to a complex problem. The simple design enables the user, especially those with sight issues, to conveniently operate both the TV and satellite/cable in one sleek gadget.

Flipper Remote features

  • Legible and distinct buttons: six main tactile buttons (On/off, 4 tuning volume and channels and the mute button) that are clearly distinguished by size and the color scheme.
  • The epitome of versatility: the ability to control most TV brands and other electronic media devices. To put this into perspective, the flipper eliminates the need to operate several remote controlled devices with each distinctive remote made for that particular device. To cut the chase, it’s built to be compatible with numerous electronic media gadgets in your home. Stretching from different TV brands to satellite boxes. You mention it.
  • A thirty-day period of customer product satisfaction indemnity: no better way to demonstrate a belief in the company production line. This a grace period for our users to detect any malfunctions and report to our agents to solve the issues to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with the gadget.
  • Users are able to enjoy guaranteed security to their accounts and preferred settings with the lockup setting. This product feature ensures that program settings are shielded from unintentional changes and alterations by the untrained hands.
  • Favorite channel feature: I don’t know about you but I find it cumbersome to flip through several channels before I land to my favorite cable show. It’s worth noting that I am in my mid-twenties. It must, therefore, be a lot worse for the senior citizens.

Nevertheless, the flipper innovation features an ingenious to the flipping through the cable channels. The flipper allows users to customize up to 30 channels for easy landing to their favorite channels.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

The Flipper remote oozes simplicity, yet, it traverses the borders of efficient technology innovations. Sticking true to the queen of England definition of engineering as a science that aims to create practical solutions to the problems that bedevil the society.

Inspired by tribulations of his dad, an elderly citizen struggles with dementia-related problems, Flipper remote was designed to give those suffering from low vision and other mental disorder back the control of their TV set. The flipper remote is on course of winning the battle if the accolades that it has so far collected is anything to go by.

Decoding the color scheme

The flipper remote is designed with 6 color- coded buttons that are highly conspicuous. It’s interesting to note that the buttons are set up in a manner that caters for the basic functions.

That is the power button denoted by a green button, mute which is represented by a gray button, channel navigation which is blue in color and finally the orange color for the volume control button. 

What it will cost you to own this remote

The marked price of a Flipper universal remote is pegged at $ 29.95 for a single piece (at the time of penning this review May 16, 2017), whereas a pair was retailing at $54. Both sets of purchases coming with an extended warranty against falls and spills at an extra $20. This will cover a single replacement annually.

Parting shots

I fill compelled to vouch for the Flipper remote. The cost is pocket-friendly and it is a practical solution to an alive problem facing senior citizens. Give back the senior citizen the lost years of controlling their TV channels. You can order yours on Amazon.

*This is a sponsored post for Flipper created by TechDigg. All opinions expressed are 100% ours.




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