When it comes to AI assistants, everyone has one now. Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana, and Google has Google Assistant. The software was first announced during the launch of the company’s Pixel phone, and has since been further developed to get more done, recognize more languages, and help users be more productive with tasks and schedules.

The virtual assistant has made its way across the majority of the Android phone landscape, but now its coming after the Queen of AI herself – Siri.

Per a report from Android Police, Google Assistant may be moving over to iOS with an official announcement to be made at this year’s I/O conference. Giving just a little bit of information – because we all know nothing is set in stone anymore – the report says, “The app would likely feature a blend of the “chat” style functionality in the Google Allo version of Assistant and the voice-controlled version found on Android, but again, details are scant.”

Why is Google Assistant moving to iOS?


I wouldn’t consider this much of a “move” on the part of Google to dethrone Siri in her own territory, but more of a decision to introduce another option to iOS users when it comes to virtual assistants.

As both Apple and Google become more open with the applications they allow on their markets, I personally think a little friendly competition is exactly what the companies – and the consumers need right now.

Obviously the most likely option is that Google Assistant will be its own app on the App Store, much like the current Google Search. The massive search engine-turned empire has also rolled out an Assistant SDK to developers for testing and has also expanded the “Actions on Google” platform to enhance research and development.

Does this mean Siri could advance in the near future?

Short answer, maybe. With the introduction of Google Assistant to the iOS platform, Apple could very well take this as an opportunity to make Siri a much more advanced AI assistant than we have seen in the past. Time will tell, though.

Obviously both companies have the software, knowledge, and manpower available to create the most innovative AI software in mobile right now, but it’s still not clear if we will see any differences in either software short-term. After all, Apple is known for taking quite a long time to perfect something before rolling it out to consumers (not counting Apple Maps, obviously).

The future is bright for AI

This move by Google is also a huge step forward for all AI assistant software, no matter what operating system it is on. If the two most powerful tech companies in the world can coexists on one platform, and possibly even learn a thing or two from one another, what’s stopping everyone else from doing the same?

I think innovators in tech are beginning to realize there will be no true advances in technology unless we are all willing to learn. By moving over to iOS, Google Assistant is giving us a great place to start. Plus, maybe we could see Siri make the move to Android one day. Anything is possible.

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