Ever since the official announcement of the new Ryzen computer processors from AMD, it’s been clear the company is out for blood, and Intel should be apprehensive going forward. Not too long ago, AMD finally announced plans to tackle the mobile market with new chips based on the Zen cores.

Not only that, but AMD also talked about mobile GPUs designed to deliver great gaming experiences while on the go. Furthermore, the company spoke of a new chip for the desktop, one that is far better than Ryzen but still based on the Zen cores.

We’re definitely seeing a new round of assault against Intel, and this can only mean good things for consumers as prices will likely dip lower.

AMD’s Impressive Threadripper

Threadripper is the first consumer chip that comes with 16 cores and 32 threads of raw computing power. It shows how confident AMD is as the company prepares to become a thorn in Intel’s heel at the high-end aspect of the CPU market.


For those who are wondering, Threadripper in its current form should outperform Intel’s 10-core Core i7-6950X desktop processor. According to AMD’s Jim Anderson. “Ryzen Threadripper is targeted at the absolute ultra high-end of performance in desktop.”

Now, the folks at Intel will announce the Core i9 at Computex, but already this upcoming processor comes off as outdated when compared to Threadripper. The Intel CPU will have 12 cores along with Hyper-Threading, while Threadripper comes with 16 cores and Hyper-Threading.

At the moment, there’s no word on the cost of Threadripper, but we shouldn’t be too surprised if AMD releases it below $1,000.

The new battle for mobile dominance with Ryzen Mobile

AMD has been trying to compete with Intel in the mobile space for quite some time. Unfortunately, the company’s APU systems have failed to compete on the same level as mobile computer systems with Intel inside them.

When it comes down to gaming, there’s not a single laptop out there with AMD internals that can effectively stand toe-to-toe with an Intel computer, but things could change with Ryzen Mobile.

“Ryzen Mobile will have fantastic battery life, you’ll see great performance on productivity applications, and it will have phenomenal gaming experience. You’ll be able to get a phenomenal AAA gaming experience on a thin-and-light notebook,” says Anderson

The company is hoping it can give Intel a serious run for its money with key elements of Ryzen Mobile’s design. First up, it’s based on the Zen cores, therefore, the new APU will have a performance that is 50 percent more efficient than the previous APU.

To make things even more attractive, Vega cores have been added to improve gaming performance by 40 percent. That’s quite impressive, but only time will tell if mobile computers with Ryzen Mobile will be much of a threat to laptops with Intel inside.

Now, in terms of power efficiency, Ryzen Mobile will improve on the previous design. Anderson stated the new Ryzen Mobile chip will operate at about half the power when compared to the current chip.

With these big announcements, Intel should have reason to worry. AMD is back in the game, and chances are, the company won’t fall by the wayside for a long time to come, if ever.

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