I, for one, always dread buying a new phone after my last one breaks. Not because I don’t love unwrapping a crisp new phone and pulling off that film for the first time, because I do. The worst part about purchasing a new phone, especially a top of the line one, is all the accoutrements that go with it: the case, the screen protector, and worrying if I’m getting the right protection.

Simply typing in “iPhone 7 case” is just asking for trouble as it will generate thousands upon thousands of results. It would be perfectly fine if the first result was the best, but it rarely is. The top of the list is almost always just the greatest “deal” and that could be because they skimp on what’s important; durability.

Instead of scouring the marketplace and eventually ending up with a mediocre case for your iPhone 7, which may end up being nothing but cheap plastic, read on for all you need for your new phone.

If You Don’t Bundle, You Must Enjoy Stress

Bundling products is like bundling services, if one part is great then all of them will be and this is true for Sahara Case’s iPhone 7 bundle that includes everything you need. The set doesn’t include a selfie stick but the necessities are there.


Your case not only comes with high quality, zero break, tempered glass but they also give you an excellent tool for foolproof installation. The alignment tool was extremely helpful and I could have applied the glass during an earthquake with laser precision.

It’s Not Pink, It’s Rose Gold

In a new age society where girls can like blue and boys can like purple, Sahara Case is ahead of the curve with this rose gold colored case. I’m a rugged, manly man, but actually really like the color. You wouldn’t call it pink and you wouldn’t call it white, but it’s a happy middle-ground like the paint you’d find in a yoga studio. Though, this color may not be for everybody.

It’s All About The Case And What A Case

My last iPhone case was simply that; just a plain old case. This case is the Tesla of iPhone cases if there ever was one. There are multiple features on this case, even some I never even thought of.

The sides of the cushion-filled case has military-grade shock proof bumpers for drops and a raised bevel to protect the edges of your screen. The design of the iPhone case is sleek but still provides an amazingly slip-proof grip as well as a camera hood to protect that incredible lens.

The Sophistication Is In The Packaging

It’s a small, miniscule little feature, but it’s definitely worth mention here. Upon opening the brown Amazon box, I was greeted with some of the nicest packaging I had ever seen in a phone case.

I’ve bought cases in the past that arrive in an unsealed clear plastic bag, but this pack looks like James Bond’s toiletry attache; a gorgeous accordion-style black plastic envelope with all the items. This isn’t a big deal, but it shows that they care and that they have an attention to detail.

My Final Tally

I love this iPhone case with a passion for many reasons. The case feels comfortable in my hand; no matter how I hold it. The color has really grown on me and I still find myself in amazement over how perfect the glass protector fits. This case makes want to buy an iPhone 7 again when this one dies, just so I can get the same case again.

You can get yours here on Amazon: Sahara iPhone 7 Case Bundle


*This is a sponsored post for Sahara Case created by TechDigg. All opinions expressed are 100% ours.



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