There is no doubt that we’ve all found ourselves frantically looking for our keys. It’s not on the hook and not in my pocket, so where could they be? There are few things as stressful as misplaced keys while the clock counts down, making you late for work. “Surely there has to be an app for that?” you think. There isn’t, but Smart & Easy’s Bluetooth Key Finder is the best substitution.

I was sick of losing my keys and sometimes misplacing my phone, so I searched and scoured Amazon for something that does at least one of these things; luckily, I found one that did both.

Smart & Easy’s key finder is top-notch for me because it addresses all my concerns when it comes to bluetooth devices. One of my biggest issues is that I never know when that darn battery will die and I just assume it’s okay.

This product, however, tells you how much battery is left thanks to a prompt on your smartphone whether it be Apple or Android.

It isn’t just a key finder


Sure, it’s great for keys but that really shouldn’t be their focus. It’s more of a GPS tracker than a key finder. You can use it to locate your luggage, a truant dog, or even a lost child – just as long they are within 20 meters.

One of my favorite features is that it works in reverse which is a really nice feature. If I misplace my phone, but have the locator, then I can simply push the button twice and my phone will begin to ring even when on silent; two birds.

The perfect size isn’t always the smallest

At 1.5 square inches, the Smart & Easy key finder is a little small so I’d suggest to get it on your key ring quickly before you drop it down the bathroom drain. I feel that just half an inch or so bigger would be ideal, but the white color matches my iPhone and stands out much more than you’d think it would.

You’re not taking a chance with this one

The great thing about this product, if you’re skeptical, is that there’s a 100% no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like, for any silly reason, they simply ask you to return it for a full refund. Sure, you have to pay shipping, but at 1.8 ounces that’s negligible.

I know the term “risk-free” is cliché, but with this GPS it’s actually true and you have nothing to lose.

Functionality outweighs the style

Dafqco, the company that designed this product, supplies everything you need: a free battery, a replacement battery, and the Thingoo app. It’s not the prettiest GPS you’ve ever seen but it’s the right size for a key chain and includes a cord to tie to your valuables or children for some extra security and calmness in your daily life.

The final word

When it comes down to it, the Smart & Easy key finder by Dafqco is a must have for me, even though I didn’t know it before. I’ve used a few times already to both find myKey finderphone from atop the fridge and to find my keys that were for some reason behind the TV.

The biggest downfall with this product lies in the volume of the locator itself I’m afraid. In order to hear where my keys were, I had to shut off my television and all the fans to hear the faintest of tones it emitted.

But for it’s current sale price of $15.99, it’s the best one for the money by far.

*This is a sponsored post created for Smart & Easy by TechDigg. All opinions expressed are 100% ours. 



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