Unless you are the generous donor who gave $680,000 to the RFK Center and you are scheduling your lunch with Apple CEO Tim Cook, you are like the rest of us mortals: a huge fan waiting for the big opening of one of the most famous buildings in technology, Apple Park!

Although from outside it might look like it’s more than ready for world debut (previously announced for April), six years of work was not enough to take care of the detail needed to give life to Steve Jobs’ dream complex.

A good thing is worth waiting for, so the company wants you to recharge your patience with those first inside pictures and a behind-the-scenes look at a workplace that’s so cool you’d wish you could live there.

The Apple Park from a high-resolution view

Credits to Wired, who show us through their lens the architectural masterpiece of Norman Foster and confirm us what we’ve guessed before: this is a spectacular building everywhere.


Wired showed us through their lens the architectural masterpiece of Norman Foster and confirmed what we’d already assumed: this is a spectacular building in every sense of the word.

Circular shape: union is strength

It has nothing to do with making the building look like a spaceship, but it’s actually about enhancing workers productivity and withstanding earthquakes and droughts.

In fact, the designs change depending on the building you are in, considering that the main idea is a rounded unified place where its employees can focus on several specific functions at the same time.

The one-mile infinite-loop-ring surrounds 9000 native and drought-resistant trees, bits of art dedicated to Jobs, seven cafes, and Fitness & Wellness Center. A gym made from special rocks imported from Kansas, which construction staff has had to distress to resemble the exterior look of Jobs’ favorite hotel at the Yosemite National Park, is also onsite.

100% Renewable Energy

As a plus to the large natural lung inside, all buildings have a standard overall feature: they can breathe. In this way, there are no air conditioners or anything of the kind. They took the opportunity to demonstrate the whole world how it’s possible to ventilate a place, no matter the size, without wasting energy.

Classy, futuristic offices

Pay attention! There are so many doors and walls inside the Apple Park made of crystal that I would be worried about crashing against them. However, it’s undeniable that the mix with the wood among the spaces fits excellently, and gives this building a minimalist but futuristic touch that characterizes the brand.

The desks are collapsible, and they come out from the walls. The light systems, distributed in strips, may illuminate both on and under the futuristic tables.

As if they weren’t advanced enough, they are made for all, long and short leg heights: there are those camouflaged panels that let the workers adjust the tables for optimal comfort. It’s also worth nothing as I’ve been saying that every detail matters in here, the buttons are concave and convex so you can easily tell the difference between them.

And in case you are wondering which was the part of those offices that took the most time to design and install… it’s the door knobs. Simple aluminum without screws or buttons in sight that took around a year and a half to achieve.

Will the Apple Park be opened for 2k17?

So far, we still are not sure if workers have started coming to Apple Park, but they should start now since it could be a process that takes more than six months.

However, this running year is an important one for Apple. They have conquered the watchmaking sector crowning itself as the number one wearable watchmaker. The numbers are just growing steadily for the company, and they are about to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the iPhone with their next smartphone and Siri upgrade.

That being said, there’s no doubt the best place to do this must be the main auditorium of the Apple Park. An underground hall in honor to Steve Jobs is the non-mainstream way the ‘bitten apple’ company can do their thing. So if this is what’s left for the public opening, and they still plan to launch the iPhone 7 successor for this year, we better prepare because Apple Park and iPhone 8 could come hand-in-hand!