Apple has something exciting on the horizon; they are about to release the newest updates to their MacBook and MacBook Pro models—well that’s what we’ve been hearing ‘through the grapevine’ anyway. Bloomberg suggests that the official announcement is set to take place at Apple’s 28th Annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) which will run from June 5-9 in San Jose, California.

The yearly, 5-day event is where Apple usually announces the newest features for their software, and ‘Insiders’ (no names have been revealed for obvious reasons) are reporting that the company has major updates for 2017. What we know so far is that there should be three new laptops in the line-up. Macworld UK says there is also a possibility of new hardware, namely a Siri Speaker and a new Ipad Pro.

What can we expect from the MacBook Updates?

So what can you really expect from these Apple Inc. updates? Will the new MacBook be the size of an iPhone then fold out to reveal a snazzy laptop? Sounds good, but not likely; the company isn’t necessarily known for making those type of drastic changes to their product designs. And especially not in such as short span of time. Keep in mind that the last MacBook release was 2016 and if you compare the designs you’ll notice changes but not very radical ones.


There was an improvement in the battery life and performance of the 12-inch laptops, along with a rose gold option.

The 13 and 15-inch MacBook pros were also updated; they were lighter and slimmer than their predecessors and were furnished with revolutionary Touch Bars and superior Touch Trackpads. However, users were not impressed with the reduced number of ports that came with the MacBook Pros.

The external features for the updated MacBook models will be quite similar to past products; most of the changes will reportedly take place with the internal architecture. Although Apple has pledged some time ago to improve the iMac and Mac Pro, so far there hasn’t been any mention of these desktop options getting an upgrade.

What are the specific updates?

Regarding the other Apple updates, here’s what you can allegedly expect:
•The updated 12-inch MacBook will have a faster Intel chip, and a 16GB RAM option might also be added. I’m sure many users are hoping for a new retina display and at least one more USB-C port.

•The MacBook Pro will have a faster Intel Corp, Kaby Lake processor. There doesn’t seem to be much improvement to the overall look of this model however.

•The 13- Inch MacBook Air will have a new/faster processor.

•As for the Siri Speaker, Macworld pointed out that if this comes to fruition it could be stiff competition for the Amazon Echo. Running an adapted version of iOS, and featuring Beats technology for music playback, it might take the Echo out of commission entirely. I don’t think Amazon is too happy about this potential update, but we’ll see what happens.

•There might be an iOS 11 update for the iPhone and iPad, as well as Apple tv and Apple Watch.

While Apple hasn’t released any official word about any of these updates, the speculations will end in a few days and we will know for sure just what exciting new features Apple has in store for its users. On the first night of the WWDC conference, which will take place on the 5th of June, Apple will host an opening press conference for the event, and deliver the keynote speech.

This is no doubt where they will make the official announcement about these rumors. Tickets to WWDC are very expensive and are distributed by lottery. Unfortunately, the date for acquiring tickets for 2017 is long gone, so if you didn’t get a ticket join the club. You’ll just have to wait for the media to spill the beans like the rest of us.