Over the years, pizza delivery technology has come a long way since simply handing you a lukewarm cardboard pizza box. After multiple-box stacking, the cheese started getting stuck to the lid so they implemented little Barbie-style picnic tables to act as pillars. Then, there was an issue of the pizza getting cold so they started using thick, lead bags and then the bags were plugged into the car cigarette lighter. And most recently, Domino’s decided to change the vehicle that actually delivered the pizza, but none of these things really blew our socks off.

Apple, being one the most innovative companies in American history, thought “we’ll change the box.” And they are trying to, in every sense of the word, and have been since 2010 when they applied for the patent for their revolutionary box. In these seven short years they have been hard at work making this “box” just as impressive as it’s phones and music players.

A pizza box designed with your crust in mind

The look of the box isn’t what you’d expect. When I think of an Apple iBox (or whatever they’ll call it) I think a futuristic cube with lights and a blinking half-eaten apple on top. However, there box isn’t a box at all, but a cylindrical sandwich-like contraption with a series of grooves and holes to both elevate the Sicilian pie and prevent the crust from getting soggy and the cheese from congealing, plus it’s white; of course.


Apple Pizza Box

You can tell from the highly detailed schematic that there are over fifty points of interests represented on the blueprints. At the helm of this next big thing from Apple is Francesco Longoni who is being hailed as “the maestro of the Apple park cafe.” The new pizza box was revealed as more of a floating message during the reveal of Apple’s new 175-acre campus which opened in April. The campus is ready for employees to work, exercise, and have fun while working on various projects.

The Apple pizza box is no doubt at the top of the list of new technology that they are working on currently. Steve Jobs always wanted to make the world a better place and even after his death, it seems that his company is doing just that.

On the other hand, a large part of me wonders if there is even a serious problem with our pizza’s crust becoming soggy. Sure, the holes would presumably solve any potential “soggy crust issue” but I’ve dined-in at a pizzeria and brought it home an hour later with no such issue.

The only upside I can see to this new pizza technology is that this could possible make the pizza deliverable over farther distances. I live in a mid-sized city and yet, it is near impossible to get a pizza delivered when the store is only six miles away. I can’t be the only one with this issue and I think that should be Apple’s selling point.



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