Since the 1980’s, many so-called “virtual reality” headsets have hit the market and trade shows over the years, but most recently, they have grown quite popular thanks to their ability to pair with smartphones. There are many different types to buy such as whole consoles for hundreds of dollars or simply a pair of cheap goggles that hold your phone for ten bucks.

I purchased my first VR headset about six months ago and was extremely disappointed by both the quality and the features that were represented. This one was of cheap plastic construction that fit my 5” Huawei rather crudely and left a thin imprint around my eyes from the view hole. The only Bluetooth represented was the cheap, two-button controller that came with it.

Recently, I decided to give VR another chance and purchased the HelloPro VR Headset hoping for the best. After various experiences with the set, I can honestly say that VR has come a long way.

The Sound In This Theater Is Astounding


First of all, the sound in this VR is amazing thanks to the attached Bluetooth 3D headphones that have zero lag with the action that’s happening on the screen whether it’s gaming or simply taking in a film.

You’d expect built-in headphones to be uncomfortable over time, but the padding around the ears is reminiscent of Beats headphones; quite soft.

To add to the theater experience, HelloPro offers a 360-degree panoramic experience with a 102-degree field of view which makes viewing a 3D movie near flawless.

No Matter What Your Ocular Handicaps, This Is For Everyone

The construction of this headset is nothing short of brilliant thanks to its lightweight construction of just under a pound. All phones from 4.5 to 6.0 inches fit securely in the drop-proof holder in the front and soft padding inside the viewer gives you a comfortable viewing experience. They’ve even put in a few ventilation holes, so the phone doesn’t fog up which is a problem I’ve had in the past.

The best viewing feature by far is the 600-degree pupillary distance view that counteracts the effects of nearsightedness. It is extremely uncomfortable to wear glasses along with the device, but unless you’re legally blind you shouldn’t have to.

I Never Thought That Bluetooth Could Be This Awesome

The biggest issue I’ve had in the past with VR gameplay is that I had to periodically stop playing the actual game to blindly feel around for my controller in order to get to the next screen or just confirm the touchscreen. Hello Pro VR has remedied this problem and completely eliminated the controller altogether.

They have installed a touch screen button that will act as a confirm switch to quickly move on with your game. If that wasn’t enough, the touch screen button also allows you to answer incoming calls so there’s no need to pause your game or movie, take off the headset, and remove your phone; VR simplified.

The End Product

When it comes down to it, this what I was ultimately hoping I would get when I bought my first VR half a year ago (minus the headphones). I am extraordinarily happy with the HelloPro VR headset and headphone combo and even more pleased with the perfect utilization of its Bluetooth capabilities. And all for just the price of two movie tickets.I honestly don’t see how technology can top this unless it one-day syncs to a smart home.

Get yours here on Amazon:

*This is a sponsored post created for Hello Pro. All opinions expressed are 100% ours.



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