A few years ago when Apple introduced the iPad to the world some buyers were left disappointed. This is because the company had marketed the product as a replacement for the PC, but when users shelled out their hard-earned cash on these gadgets they felt it lacked certain features that would, in fact, make the iPad a viable PC replacement.

However, Apple might finally be on track with their PC takeover because there are rumors of some epic upgrades in the works for the iPad, namely, iOS 11.

Previous iPad updates

Let’s be honest, many of us were underwhelmed with the past updates for the iPad—they were less than impressive, to say the least. For the most part, it seems as if the developers simply took some features from the iPhone and called it an iPad upgrade. We saw right through that one, didn’t we?


However, iOS 9 was definitely a winner because it had some pretty drastic features.  One was Split View; multi-taskers everywhere rejoiced when this was introduced as it allowed users to display two apps simultaneously.  iOS also gave us the picture in picture option which allowed a floating video player on the screen. This was a cool concept that seemed to be well received by many.

Since then, Apple has introduced other updates, but for the most part, they were less than stellar. iOS 10.1 had some Siri updates which allowed users to use Siri with other iPad apps such as making payments, messaging apps, fitness apps and a few others.   iOS 10.2 did introduce a TV app for users in the U.S, they also added some new emojis, but the other updates were mostly related to bug fixes.

iOS 10.3 allowed users to find their Air pods by utilizing the ‘ Find My iPhone’ app on your device allowing you to actually see the Air pods on a map.

The other updates in 10.3 were related to Carplay and Siri, but mostly bug fixes and security improvements. So yes there have been many updates over the ones, they just weren’t very memorable. But iOS 11 might be a memorable one for sure. So let’s delve a little deeper.

So what’s new for iOS 11?

Let’s get to the good stuff, Macstories uploaded a concept video created by Jacek Zięba which showcases what he thinks Apple Inc. could introduce in this new update. If this is true, there are some nice features in store for iPhone and iPad users.

iPhone updates for iOS 11

The iPhone will reportedly be given the split screen treatment much like the iPad. I’m sure this will be well received especially since the newer iPhones have larger screens to accommodate such features. There might also be a game mode for alerts, enhanced 3-D Touch control center support and superior storage management.

iPad updates for iOS 11

Don’t worry iPad users; you won’t be left in the dark, and speaking of ‘dark’ Jacek mentioned a “system-wide dark mode”  for the iPad update which he imagines to be in the form of Night Mode which changes theme across apps. Additionally, Apple’s video calling feature, Facetime will now include group calling which will ultimately allow you to call multiple people at once. I’m particularly excited about this one, so let’s hope it actually comes to fruition.

 In his concept video, Zieba interprets iOS 11 with a split view of at least three video feeds, along with a picture-in-picture window which floats across the screen.

There might even be a multi-touch enabled, drag and drop option, allowing users to select images, documents, text, etc. and drag them into another app or doc via split the split view option.  There is also talk of a shelf option which would allow users to quickly and easily save a file for later use.  Another potential feature is a Finder App with iCloud integration and the option for multiple user accounts with a concealed user tray located on the lock screen.

You might get a sleek new design, and the ability to store up to 35 apps on a single screen. You may even get to experience some aspects of watchOS in the iOS interface mostly for the toolbar icons and menus. There might be some cool updates for the Macbook as well.

I must admit that these updates sound pretty amazing but for now, they are just rumors. However, we won’t have to wait long to find out exactly what Apple has in store for its users. Apple’s 28th Annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) commences on June 5, which will likely be the time and place when the company will finally reveal these long-awaited updates. Hang in there until then!