Today at Apple

Following an effort to get shoppers into stores rather than make a purchase or visit the Genius Bar, Apple has come up with a new initiative which is designed to boost its engagement with the current and  potential clients.

Angela Ahrendts, the senior vice president of retail, is looking to harness inventory of the company stores around the globe to be much more than places where iPads and iPhones can be bought. Speaking with a LinkedIn blog this week to share her vision, she explained means people would share ideas within variety of settings in Apple stores.

Apple are makers of culture, and thinkers that feed the curiosity of individuals and reinforce their ideas. They are now going to turn the stores into repositories where creativity is going to spark and there would be ideas that change the world.

Enriching in-Store experiences

Ahrendts, as reported by MacRumors, told attendees of the Most Powerful Women Summit that the mission of Apple was beyond generating bigger levels of profit. She told attendees the larger the firm, the more the size of the obligation as she explained her vision of Apple’s retail locations, which served as regions for both community and education.


According to Fortune, the new stores are going to hold what Ms. Ahrendt’s termed as Teacher Tuesdays, which are to help the educational specialist discover means they can effectively bring technology to the classroom situations.

Creative professionals are also going to be able to assist the clients to learn how to perform their tasks, including taking better images from their iPhones. These personnel serve functions beyond that of Apple’s Geniuses, which are available at the time to assist customers with products in need of repair.

By the end of the year, about 95 of the company’s 500 stores would go through re-modelling in order to reflect the new vision of the company for its retail enterprise.

The community features for the new stores include the company’s plan for the recruitment of artists, musicians and others to bring individuals out of their digital bubbles.

The goal according to Ahrendts is to change every Apple Store into a town square where a number of individuals that have the same interests have a forum for their experiences. The message sends the subscribers to individuals at the Today at Apple site to go into the store and come up with a list of activities at each venue.

Today at Apple

Apple has already provided workshops at its stores, though the new Today at Apple initiative grows these sessions letting the users go in depth with topics like art and design as well as coding.

Today at Apple is going to allow for free training concerning basics of accessibility, such as the Voice-Over technology of the company for individuals that have limited eyesight, how-to sessions, and even studio hours during which Apple staff assist with projects the user is currently working on, related to videos and other designations.

In this new theme, everyone is welcome in a space where the best of Apple connects people, and helps to discover passions or advance their skills to the next level.

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