Nintendo is coming to the realization that its newest video game console, the Switch, could turn out to be a huge hit similar to the Wii, and because of this, the company is making moves to ensure demand is met.

It’s tough for most folks to get their hands on a Nintendo Switch today, as the device is flying off shelves as soon as they get there. From what we can tell, the Japanese company did not expect such a huge demand at first, and that is probably due to the failure of the Wii U. However, things have changed for Nintendo as the company aims to return itself to the top spot.

Boosting Switch production to 18 million units

The idea right now is to make sure consumers can get their hands on a Nintendo Switch gaming system come this Christmas. The company had intentions to manufacture up to 16 million units for the 2017 fiscal year, but those plans have changed. The plan, as of right now, is to boost production by 18 million units up until March 2018.


Nintendo fears what might happen if customers are unable to get their hands on a Switch come Christmas. They could likely decide to purchase a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One if they didn’t have one already. Furthermore, with Project Scorpio on the horizon, competition for the hearts and minds of consumers will be difficult.

Increased competition from Microsoft

The software giant is set to unveil its Project Scorpio video game system at E3 2017. The console is dubbed as the most powerful video game system ever created, and with good reason. It comes with six teraflops of GPU power, 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, and an improved processor.

Microsoft claims this system will deliver video games in true 4K, which is a step up from dynamic 4K the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is capable of putting on the table. Additionally, the company recently announced the availability of Xbox Game Pass, a video game subscription service similar to Netflix.

No doubt Microsoft is reshaping itself for the dominance of the video game market, and Nintendo can’t allow this to happen. Bringing more of its Switch devices to retailers is just one step of keeping ahead of the pack. The company needs to deliver more video games to keep current owners excited and to draw new players to the platform.

We should get an idea of what Nintendo is working on at this year’s E3.

Wait a minute, what about Sony?

The market leader, Sony, is at the top of the food chain for a reason. Ever since the announcement of the PlayStation 4 back in 2013, the company has done an excellent job in capturing the minds of gamers around the world.

We’re quite confident it will have a huge showing at E3 2017 where several key titles will have their time in the limelight. Furthermore, Sony has been hitting Microsoft where it hurts when it comes down to third-party marketing deals, and we suspect more of this will continue throughout the year and the next.

Nintendo must be wary of its Japanese rival, because the PlayStation division at Sony isn’t known for letting its guard down very often.

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