As a huge fan of DC Comics, I’m very excited to learn “Black Lightning” is getting his own TV series. The excitement dips a bit when I realize this series is possibly being made due to the success of “Luke Cage.” Furthermore, it’s airing on the CW, and not a single superhero series on that network isn’t prone to cheesiness and unrelatable characters.

Luke Cage” was a huge success in my eyes because as a black guy, each episode seems to speak to me directly. Hey, I’m not the biggest fan of Marvel, but it goes without saying that Luke Cage is probably one of the better superhero series on Netflix, and on any network for that matter.

It works for me because the characters and the atmosphere are relatable. Many folks might not want to admit this, but a lot of black folks grew up in the ghetto where illegal activity takes place on the corners and gunshots can be heard several times in a single month at times.

Drugs, theft, it’s all there, and that’s something “Luke Cage” did bring to the table. Not to mention, the music, the splendid music that should be deemed as the icing on the cake. All of this proves that Marvel did their research, and I must commend them for that.

Will Black Lightning do the same?


After seeing the official trailer of “Black Lightning,” I came away very impressed. Still, I can’t help but feel concerned for the series because there’s not a single black character on “Arrow,” “The Flash,” and “Legends of Tomorrow,” who have been done correctly. It feels as if the CW picks up black characters and just decides to make them generic and similar to others.

As it stands, what I really want is for “Black Lightning” to have that gritty and realistic feel that is similar to what we know. Characters that feel real, and not just a bunch of persons thrown on screen just to make a project happen.

For example, if we look at how character relationships are done on the CW, they come off as very immature, the type of relationships we’d have in high school than anything else. Now, if we look at “Luke Cage,” things are done much differently, and the realistic take makes for a series that’s more relatable to us regular folks.

Will Black Lightning deliver the goods?

Time will tell of this will happen. The basics of the story are quite similar to Luke Cage. A black man in a dirty neighborhood decides to do something about the gangs and whatever else, but with a bigger picture at the center of it all.

But at the end of the day, I must stress that “Black Lightning” is a CW series, and that doesn’t bode well at all if we go by past transgressions. It will likely turn out decent for the first season, but if there’s a second, things will go downhill from there.