When designing and taking precision measurements of two opposite surfaces of an object, more often than not, tape measures and rulers always come shot. Designed to give accurate readings, Green Toolz digital caliper can be counted upon to give extreme accurate external, internal and depth measurements of objects.

Surgical Precision Measurements

In professions such as engineering and medicine where the margin of error is virtually non-existent, you wont want to have an inaccurate reading of the items that you would be working on. The damages are too costly to estimate.

Little wonder, the Green Toolz digital caliper deems fit to display the readings in question on an LCD. Taking away the bother of computing the empirical and the metric scale readings. If you have operated one of the manual vernier calipers, you are alive to the cumbersome nature of reading and computing the scales.

Product Specification


The overriding quality of a calliper is its ability to exhibit precision. Stretching from the product design to the composite material that constitutes the vernier calipers will ultimately have a bearing on the measurement readings. The Green Toolz digital vernier calipers, fortunately, exhibit a good number of desirable precision traits.

  • Stainless and hardened steel: the choice of steel as the scaffold for the green toolz vernier caliper is a demonstration of durability as exhibited by hardened steel property to withstand abrasion, corrosion and wear.
  • Large LCD monitor that translate to legible reading measurements. The LCD is also encapsulated in a hardened steel for an extra layer of protection against knocks.
  • Features a locking screw that facilitates accurate positioning as well as a thumb roller for a seamless gliding of the jaws of the vernier caliper.
  • Boast of a 0.03mm/0.0015 inch accuracy and a resolution of 0.01mm/0.0005 inch.
  • Four measure options (External, internal, depth and steps) with dual scale reading of either inches or millimetres.

What Makes the Green Toolz Vernier Caliper a Cut above the Rest

I couldn’t agree more with Buddy DeSylva and his team when they aptly pointed out that “the best thing in life are free. Two freebies stand out: extra bat to back up the one that comes pre-installed and the free feeler gauge that would measure gap widths stretching from 0.038 mm to 0.025 0.635 mm.

Other notable give-aways that come with the Green Toolz digital caliper include a screw driver to take care of the battery compartment, as well as, a carrying case. Wont strictly calls the later a hand-out since I am yet to come across a vernier caliper that doesn’t come with one.

The slider features three control buttons: On /off button- to power the device the caliper, switch button that enables you to alternate the between the inches and millimetre scales, and finally, the zero button that facilitates resetting at any given point in time during readings.

The ability to auto shut off when left idle for approximately 120 seconds sums up the technological advancement of the Green Toolz digital vernier caliper. The icing on the cake is that it features a memory that displays the last reading taken.

Shared Thoughts by Verified Purchases at Amazon

Before delving into the recurrent themes as presented by the verified purchases at Amazon, it’s worth noting that the Green Toolz vernier caliper has a 4.5 star rating out of a possible 5 stars. That speaks volume of the level of satisfaction among the consumers.

Looking at the comments of the disgruntled consumers at Amazon, one can easily pick out where the 0.5 star rating devoid from the 4.5 star is hiding. Many have pointed out that their caliper arrived in a beaten and knocked state. A problem that the marketer attributes to the feeler gauge and pitfalls during shipment.

Insider information worth noting

For starters, the sliding bar has an ingress protection rated zero. Simplified to mean that you should avoid contact with fluids at any given cost to maintain the electronic integrity of the caliper.

The Green Toolz vernier digital caliper when put to scale with calipers exhibiting similar resolution ratings of 0.05mm/0.0005”, punches well below its peers. The Green Toolz digital caliper accuracy of 0.02mm/0.001″ is no match to the majority of equal rated resolution calipers that boast of an accuracy of 0.03mm/0.0015″.

Parting shot

The Green Toolz digital vernier caliper delivers on its promises. Utterly accurate with legible readings makes this tool an attractive companion in my woodwork expeditions.

Though, not as good as the gold standard of vernier calipers- Mitutoyo calipers, but again for the price of only $29.95 from Amazon, in Green Toolz digital caliper, you have a comparable working tool that demonstrates measurement accuracy and replication.

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*This is a sponsored post created for Green Toolz. All opinions expressed are 100% ours.